"We are all of us living in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." ~Oscar Wilde
"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." ~Amelia Earhart

December 26, 2007


I probably sound terribly un-enthused about Christmas to people I happen to meet during December. It's only because I actually am. Both me and my parents stopped celebrating the holiday back when I was a teenager. Since I don't have any children (and don't want any) and since all three of us are non-Christians, there's really no need to celebrate it. We do give away presents to friends and I often tell people "Merry Christmas" around this time of year but that's mostly out of respect for those who do. Decorations seem an unnecessary, frivolous expense and I can't think of anything else about the holiday that appeals to me. I do love seeing other people's decorations though.

Anyway, enclosed within one of the gifts that my mother got was a gift for me. A white scarf with very light pastels running through it. Except it wasn't truly a scarf. The basic shape of it is scarf-like but there's strands of threads that come out from the rectangular portion. So, it actually looks like a strange combination of a scarf and a boa. Let's just say....It's the thought that counts. :) I'm seriously considering buying a cheap digital camera just because things like this are difficult to describe.

Gah, I'm also having trouble with my health insurance which I get through the state. A few months ago, I was approved for SSDI and forgot to report the change in income to the agency that distributes the health insurance. When I reported the change this month, they decided to stop my health insurance on December 31 because they need renewal forms to update my info. They'll probably reinstate it sometime in January or February and normally this wouldn't be a problem but, on January 2, I was scheduled to have some teeth extracted. If I pay for it myself, it's going to cost about $800. Ugh. So, now I have to reschedule it until I'm sure it'll be paid for. In the meantime, I'm walking around with a tooth that broke off in November. And it's somewhat visible when I speak. Ugh, so embarrassing.

That's part of the reason I haven't been blogging much. I haven't been leaving the house if I don't have to. So, I don't have much to write about and I doubt most people want to hear about my exploits in Animal Crossing, The Sims, or World of Warcraft. :-p

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alyceclover said...

The government does all it can to make the experience of getting help a nightmare.

"What do you see out of the window you look out of the most?" or "Tell me about your grandfather" or "When was a good time" might inspire writing ideas.

Speaking of reading, read meme questions: "What book made you cry", "What book made you laugh" and "What book should never have been written" were among them.

You could ask yourself those same questions about anything~even internet gaming. : > I have the opposite problem when I blog~mind takes off in 50 directions all at one time.

Berryvox said...

Those are great ideas! It occurred to me, too, that I could take ideas from past entries and expand more. Heck, this entry probably raises the question of why I'm on disability. Plus, yesterday, I did a search on "journaling prompts" and found a few sites that could spark ideas.