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January 22, 2008

Government bureacracy sucks

Finally! My health insurance worries are over. Back in mid-December, my health insurance (which I get through the state or county) was changed from one program to another because of my change in disability status. This wouldn’t be a problem because the new program is actually better and covers a few more services*. The only problem was that they didn’t tell me how to get health services under the new plan. I called my insurance company and the automated system said that my insurance ended on December 31. ‘Ack!’ I thought. But the county’s automated system said my “medical assistance was active’. So I waited for a few weeks because I thought they would mail me some information. Eventually I realized it wasn’t coming and called the county and spoke to somebody who directed me to another number. This, of course, led to a voice mail system and I left a message. Yesterday, I finally got a call back from a man who explained what I had to do. Turns out I was all right with my current clinics all along. I can’t really blame the social workers who are, I’m sure, doing the best they can but, geez, that was a stressful month.

*God forbid I should need a hospice any time soon though!

Throughout all this, I had an appointment for dental surgery. It was originally scheduled for January 3 but I had to call and reschedule a couple times because of the health insurance, probably annoying the hell out of the poor receptionists, dentist, and nurses. But, now that it’s all sorted out, I’m getting two teeth yanked out tomorrow.

On the bright side, I get Vicoden at the end! Woo! Prescription drugs are always fun (as long as you don’t get addicted, of course.)


FerdC ~ Crazy Medical Cases said...

Hope they're not your 2 front teeth. You'll look like a girl from West Virginia.

Berryvox said...

Ha! Nope, one of them is slightly visible when I speak though so I'm going to be absolutely neurotic about speaking to people. :-/