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January 4, 2008

Holy Jeebus!

O.o Normally, I'm a big fan of not buying stupid crap but I'll admit that this collection of Nintendo memorabilia is freaking awesome. Click on the pic to see the full-size version.

(No comments about my video game obsession. It's way cheaper than shopping, hanging out at a bar, or going to concerts. I strongly advocate going to concerts, though. Music is lovely.)


Susanno said...

I saw my faved character "Mario Bros" on that picture.. :D

Berryvox said...

Yup! I'm sure there's a Luigi and Yoshi somewhere in too. :D

alyceclover said...

I felt overwhelmed by all the stuff. I tried to leave a comment last night on this. I went nuts looking for spelling of bejuzzes a few days ago and the next day saw an article with it spelled even different. So when I saw this I thought of that old saw: everything comes in threes.