"We are all of us living in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." ~Oscar Wilde
"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." ~Amelia Earhart

February 19, 2008

A news show is playing on the TV.

My mother: Ewwww! They look poor.
Me: Uhhh, they're from the 'Coalition on Poverty'. (or something like that)
Her: Oh.
Me: *sigh*


Titania Starlight said...

Mothers! Gotta love them. :o)

Thank you for the kind comment you left when my dog Loki died. That was very nice of you.

Take care.

Berryvox said...

Sorry I had to leave one on a post like that. :(

alyceclover said...

Thanks. I am bored. Going to do this on my games blog.