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February 11, 2008

So Confused...

Damn it. Taylor Hicks' music needs to stop confusing me. (Hick's? Hickses'? Screw you, rules of grammar.)

When I was a teenager, my world pretty much revolved around music. I rarely ate lunch during high school. Instead, I used the money to buy music magazines and cassettes (before CDs came along). The passage of time wasn't counted by school year trimesters or freshman and senior years. When something happened, it was 'about a month after Duran Duran played First Avenue' or 'around the time Morrissey was at the Northrop Auditorium'. And I developed a weird sort of 'girl crush' on most of my favorite musicians and singers. It wasn't sexual. It was more like hero worship but looks and image still played a small part in determining who I developed this girl crush on.

Twenty years later, I still keep up with most of my favorite bands but don't really go to concerts much anymore and it's pretty rare that I find a new band worth squealing about anymore. Well, about a year ago, I got a free ticket to a Taylor Hicks concert. Since American Idol, I'd pretty much forgotten about him but I've always thought he was the most worthwhile contestant to come out of that show. So, I went. He and his band were fantastic live so I bought his latest CD.

Now, here's the problem. Listening to the CD makes me think 'Crush-worthy!'. And, then, I browse the internet and find a picture and my brain screams 'Noooooo!'


franscud said...

When I first saw the pic ... before reading the post (I'm out of touch with Idol America, so no name recognition from the headline) ... I thought you were writing about a pro golfer :).

Berryvox said...

Actually, that photo is from when he was doing a celebrity golf event.

FerdC ~ Crazy Medical Cases said...

You know what I think? Well I'm gonna tell you anyway. I think when you were young you developed a pattern of developing a crush on crazy, rock star, bad boy kind of guys. They can be interesting and fun when they're young, but often turn out to be losers.
On the other hand, there's the stable, polite, respectful kind of guy. Maybe a little nerdy. Maybe not as "cool" when he was young, but will be more successful in the long run, in life and in relationships.
You thought Taylor Hicks was in group 1, but then he turns out to be in group 2. Personally, I think that's a good thing.
So, I'm thinking your heart and your brain are maybe not in sync.

Berryvox said...

Nah, actually, I think I just jumped music genres. Most of the singers and musicians I deemed 'crush-worthy' when I was young weren't really physically attractive themselves. They just had something I could relate to or admire.

See, I originally got into 80's synthpop and alternative, populated mostly by moody males with too much eyeliner. Later, hearing Harry Connick, Jr. introduced me to jazz/big band/swing which made it easier to transition to Hicks' kind of music. I think it's the whole 'southern gentleman' image that makes me go "Eh?"

I will admit that that's concentrating way too much on looks though. And, for the record, Hicks can release "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and I'll still buy it. :)

FerdC ~ Crazy Medical Cases said...

Now I'm starting to understand the inner workings of your mind! Southern gentlemen with not too much eyeliner. Whatever turns you on! ; )