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February 12, 2008

The Waiting Room

It's a strange thing to visit a psychiatrist's waiting room. There's always at least one or two other patients waiting and nearly everybody seems to be uncomfortable, hoping that they won't be recognized. Out of the 20 or 30 times I've been in one, I've only encountered two people who were in the least bit chatty or friendly. When I went yesterday (just a normal routine thing to make sure I'm not displaying symptoms of Tardive Dykinesia or babbling about guardian angels), there were two blond women in their 30's already there. The shorter heavyset one stared straight forward at the painting of a sea landscape during the 20 or so minutes she was waiting. When her doctor came out, she jumped out of her seat and looked relieved to be free. The taller one was dressed immaculately in a business suit and heels and flipped through a magazine while casting the occasional nervous glance at me and the other woman. And I do it too. I flip through a book and watch the clock, getting more and more impatient as the minutes tick by. Maybe we all just hate waiting.


alyceclover said...

Ya know I never thought to ask my daughter about the waiting room when she was seeing a therapist~we live on opposite coasts and she would often call, wanting Mom answers. Some psyche docs suck.

I never had the pleasure; see the Village doc's. One big happy family there. All the drop-in workers and their clients are privy to your conversation with the doc. They seemed to think that setting was ideal for me to work.

Get kind of used to people with different ailments, but had a few scary days, with people about to snap.

I used to tolerate waiting, now I have the attention span of a gnat.

Berryvox said...

Actually the waiting isn't usually that bad. I was a little irritated this last time because the psychiatrist was running about a half-hour behind but that happens. Better than a past psychiatrist who was constantly running an hour or more late.

When I was living in Vegas, I went to some clinic the hospital told me to go to (can't remember the name). For the initial consultation, they had three or more people in to see the psychiatrist at once (*cough* Trying to cut corners :-p ). One of the women in my group was annoyed. I can't really blame her. There's simply some things a lot of people don't want to discuss in front of strangers.

Yeah, I've encountered a few violent patients (in psych wards, not the doctor's office) but most people are fine.