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April 3, 2008

A Book Meme

Eventually, I'm going to make a separate blog for memes/polls. But, since I'm too lazy right now, suffer through this book meme. :-p

I borrowed this from Francis at Caught in the Stream who borrowed it from Jane's Writing who borrowed it from...some person/blogger I don't know.

The Rules
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

From Ray Bradbury's "Farewell Summer",

"The cake stood like a magnificent Alp upon the kitchen table. To the odors of morning were added the smells of snow upon a white mountain, the aroma of frosted blossoms and candied roses, of petal pink candles and translucent icing. There it was, like a distant hill in a dream of the future, the cake as white as noon clouds, the cake in the shape of collected years, each candle ready for the lighting and blowing out."

Heh, that was a bizarre paragraph to come across considering I just celebrated a birthday. Like usual, I'll let you tag yourself if you're so inclined. :)


Julia said...

Fun! Do I post this in your comments?

"He had two shiny scars on the calf of one leg and another scar somewhere no one saw. The Harrises had never owned a dog, and as long as his father was alive they never would. Grigg was five the first time this was explained to him."

from 'The Jane Austen Book Club' by Karen Joy Fowler.

Julia said...

oops, I messed up... the last sentence was longer...

Grigg was five the first time this was explained to him, and he still remembered his reaction, how he thought to himself that his father couldn't live forever.

franscud said...

I'm proud to have inspired a post (or co-inspired at least). That's a very cool passage. Especially so because of the birthday serendipity.

Titania Starlight said...

I think I did this one a while back. It was pretty fn sinc eI love books.

Oh and I wish yo uya belated Happy Birthday.

Just wanted to also let you know I understand a lot of what you post.

I had attempted suicide when I was 25 and then when I was 29. The last attempt was almost successful. I have healed a lot but it is hard to tell people who do not understand. Plus we as people are so damn complex. I thought it would be safe to share this with you. I have my days but all in all I have healed a lot.

Take care. :o)

Berryvox said...

Julia - On your blog, in my comments, whichever works for you. :)

Aww, poor Grigg!

Francis - Yeah, I don't remember Bradbury being that good with descriptions in "Fahrenheit 451".

Titania - Yeah, I still remember when a friend of a friend attempted suicide. I was trying to tell him that I understood what drove his friend to try. Basically, I just ended up angering him because he couldn't understand.

I'm really glad you're still here. Even though I only know you from your blog, the energy you send out is just so positive.

RoxiticusDH said...

You inspired me to tag myself...since I'm new to all this, I wasn't quite sure how to tag other bloggers, so I did this:

Tag! You're It! Please stop by Roxiticus Desperate Housewives to see the rules for the Book Meme.