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April 18, 2008

Cottontail on the Trail

Jillian asked me what the story behind the bunny sculpture on Portland Avenue was. Unfortunately, I didn't know! Like I said, one day, I just turned the corner and there it was. Well, her comment actually made me curious so I went back this afternoon and took a photo of the plaque near it. It doesn't tell much. Just the name of the sculpture, "Cottontail on the Trail", the year it was created (2002), and the artist's name (Jeff Barber). The only reference to it on the web I could find was at Minneapolis's web site.

"Cottontail on the Trail is a bronze sculpture by Jeff Barber at Portland Avenue and East Minnehaha Parkway. The bunny represents both the animal life and whimsy of the neighborhood."

Now I'm wondering if the Minneapolis Arts Commission is the organization behind the Mary Tyler Moore (Yes, the TV show character *headdesk*) statue in downtown Minneapolis. Seriously, strange sculptures show up around the city all the time. For a while, there were statues of the Peanuts characters (Snoopy, Lucy, Charlie Brown, etc.) in various spots around St. Paul, MN* but somebody kept stealing them. Some of them may still be around but I don't visit St. Paul that often so I'm not sure.

*Charles Schulz, the creator of Peanuts, grew up in St. Paul.


Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Good morning! Stopped by to vote for you in Battle of the Blogs...enjoying all your photos this week.

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives

Jillian said...

Ahh, thanks for checking that out! So it represents whimsy, eh? OK...lol.

In Los Angeles a few years back, they had placed these Angels all over the city. They were all shaped the same, but each had distinct artwork on them. I used to see them in the oddest of places. Apparently it was for some kind of 'cause'. Anyways, they wound up auctioning several of them off. Some went for as high as like $20,000!

But having random Peanuts characters show up somewhere is cool. As a fan, I totally get why people would steal them. It sucks for the artist and the people behind the project, though.

Also, thanks for the link. :-)

Jillian said...

OK, sorry to comment back-to-back. But here is a link with pics of the Angles. I really really thought a lot of them were awesome (and I am not remotely into 'art').

If you're interested:


Berryvox said...

Roxiticus - Good morning and good luck in your battles!

Jillian - Oh, those angels are awesome.

Heh, yeah, Charlie Brown in your living room is a definite conversation piece.