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April 18, 2008

I know I said awhile ago that I wouldn't put up lots of photos. I lied. Sometimes, I just don't have much to say. :-) Pics are all from areas around the Grand Rounds bicycle and hiking trails, a 50-mile (ish) loop around the city. Except the first one. Which is a captivating picture of... a street.

One of the things that bothers me in other people's bicycle touring journals is when they put up twenty million pictures of roads and constantly harp about the road conditions. The first thing I think is, 'Only people who are preparing to go on the exact same route care. Otherwise, it's just a picture of a road!' Hence, this is the last picture of a road you'll ever see. But I might be lying again. :-p

Nope, it's not Lake Nokomis again. It's Lake Hiawatha. But, the important question is, "Why are the two trees in the middle leaning?!?" This question must be answered. Then again, I'll probably forget the question by tomorrow.

See! Trees really do have leaves in Minnesota!

One of the many footbridges that span Minnehaha Creek.
And the (censored) trees that keep blocking my views.

Ducks and geese farther down the creek. I'm probably the only one who's interested.

Minnehaha Falls looks much nicer in the summer when the grass is green and the ice has totally melted away. I'll admit that it's not that spectacular even then though. Supposedly, it became a tourist attraction after Longfellow wrote about it in his poem, Song of Hiawatha, in 1853. Which says something about Minneapolis's lack of tourism-worthy attractions. I mean, really, what's our biggest tourist attraction? A super-sized mall. The outdoors activities like hunting and fishing are probably better enjoyed outside the city. Especially the hunting. Please hunt outside the city limits.

I mostly just like the park because I spent a lot of time there as a child. Though you can't see it very well, the steps above are loooong. Me and various childhood friends would run down there to explore and climb on the rocks around the area. When it was time to return home, we'd go up the stairs. After about two landings, we'd collapse onto the benches carved into the stone, recover, run up two or three more landings, and collapse onto the next bench. Eventually, we'd get to the top and trudge home.

I don't know when they added this. One day, I turned into the trail from Portland Avenue and thought, 'Gah! There's a giant bunny on the trail!' Vandalize the bunny and I'll personally hurt you. :-D Seriously. I super pink heart the bunny sculpture.


The Fearless Blog said...

Your photos are stunning! I love the colors, the feel and the story they attempt to tell.

I love photo stories...

franscud said...

That is an awesome bunny sculpture, though it may just come to life and stalk the park late at night looking for carrot sculptures to gnaw on.

Berryvox said...

TFB - Aww, thanks!

Francis - I'm so commissioning a carrot sculpture to stand across from it when I win the lottery. (Never mind that I never buy tickets)

Jillian said...

You know, I enjoyed this post. These pictures look so unlike where I am (Los Angeles). Where are the hookers? The crackheads? I bet you guys have stuff like litter-free streets and clean tap water.


But hey, the pics were cool. The giant bunny seems kind of random and a bit scary. What's the story behind it?

Doug said...

LAkes and trees are far better than the typical Ohio scenary (corn and soybeans).

I do a tour each summer where you ride across the state over the course of a week. It's 450 miles, so I'm interested in hearing about a longer tour.

Sue said...

Ooh, I would LOVE to visit your neck of the woods!! Thanks for the photos!

Titania Starlight said...

Those are all very good actually. And I think the falls are awesome. YO ureally did a good job. I pink heart the bunny statue too. :o)

Good job. I enjoyed my virtual tour.

FerdC ~ Crazy Medical Cases said...

No leaves on our Toledo trees either, but at least no frickin' ice! Poor you!
We had a freak 80 degree day today. You too, maybe?
Got the bikes ready today!! Yippee!

Berryvox said...

Jillian - Hookers and crackheads? They're at Franklin Avenue, downtown, and parts of North Minneapolis.

I HOPE the tap water's clean! I drink it.

Doug - Ah, yeah. I drove through N. Dakota once. Miles and miles and miles of...nothing. A lot of people here complain about the cornfields of Iowa for the same reason.

Sue & Titania - Thanks! (I'm not feeling clever today.)

Ferd - Nah, today was in the 40's and rainy. We did have one 70+ day a few days ago though!

The ice isn't too bad. It's mostly just clinging to the major lakes.

Yay! Happy riding!

goldmourn said...

I enjoyed these photos, too.

& the bits you shared along with them!

Berryvox said...

Goldmourn - That's one of the things I like about photos. When I have nothing to say, they can make a good journaling prompt. :)