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April 6, 2008

A Love Meme

Hmmph. So Roxiticus tagged me with a meme. Of course, it's about a subject where I seem like a cynical bastard. Remember that I'm differentiating between romantic love and love for family or friends.

1. What does true love mean to you?

In the area of romantic love, I'm a bit strange. I never cared. Even when I was little, I gravitated towards the book and movie characters who were independent. Their marriages or relationships didn't mean very much to me. In high school, an English teacher tried to turn me on to a love poem by Robert Browning. Though she didn't explicitly say so, you could tell that she was enchanted by it and the whole idea of 'love, sweet love'. Me? I read it, grimaced inside, nodded politely, and wondered if there was any science fiction or horror around. I toyed around with romantic relationships a little in my twenties. Mostly because I felt like the odd one out. When I was 24, I got married. That was a bad idea. I looked over at my husband three months later and thought, 'This is stupid. I never wanted this.' A few months later, we separated. Occasionally, I'll say I adore somebody but it's really just somebody I idolize or a light physical attraction. I view true love the same way I view God. They may exist but they don't have much to do with me or anything I desire.

2. How do you know you're really in love?

I probably wouldn't know!

3. How many times in your life have you fallen in love?


4. Have you ever fallen out of true love because you were mad at the moment?

See question three.

5. Do you feel love and physical attraction are the same thing?

Nah, Joaquin Phoenix always makes me go, "Phwoooargh, he's hot!" but I don't claim to love him. :-p

6. If your true love became ill or disfigured would you continue to love them the same way?

I think romantic love converts to family love at some point. So, yes, I imagine I would.

7. Should anyone else be able to tell you who to love or not love?

No. They may have good points and it's probably worthwhile to listen to their viewpoints. But, in the end, it's your decision and your life.

8. Do you believe people that ended up divorced were ever truly in love?

Maybe. I can think of a few circumstances that would tear them apart. Death of a child, stress from financial worries, etc.

9. Would you give up something you want for someone you love?

It's pretty unlikely. I'll admit to being self-centered. :-p

10. If you truly love someone do you feel it should be unconditional?

Considering my feelings on the issue, does it really matter?


BPD in OKC said...

mmmmmmm Joaquin Phoenix


franscud said...

I'm definitely not one to touch this meme either. I think my cynicism might even outstrip yours. You did an admirable job though :).

Ahmed said...

As much as I wish to touch this meme, I would just say that I sign underneath your own answers to the questions.

Gianna said...

I'm totally opposite of you but there is a deep part of me that would love to be just like you.

I fell in love repeatedly with the wrong people before finding the right person (my husband).

Now that I have my husband I know I love him and want him and need him, but sometimes love's a bitch and that is just reality. If I could be independent and happy I would be---love is really hard work.

For me, I know that it is work that is worth it for my own particular needs for growing as a person. But that doesn't mean I don't sometimes fantasize being free and easy and on my own.

I admire your take on love!

Berryvox said...

Bpd - I still haven't fully caught onto the plot of any movie he's in. O.o Soooo pretty.

Francis & Ahmed - I almost skipped it too!

Gianna - Yeah, I realize a lot of people want love and/or family. And I hope those people find it. :) I just realized it wasn't for me.

My viewpoint definitely has its good points. It's kept me out of trouble in the abusive relationship department.

Stephanie said...

I'm the exact opposite of you when it comes to romantic love. I'm incredibly optimistic about it and the idea of never falling in love completely scares me.

Titania Starlight said...

I like your honest answers. That means a lot.

I do not go for the typical image of love myself. I never read romance books. I abhor chick flicks. I would rather jump in a pool of razor blade then watch a romance movie but I can say I am in love with my best friend. What is good is that ther are no pressures to be anyone else but ourselves to each other. I give him space to be who he is and vice versa. I think what spoils everything and this is from my own failed first marriage, is that everyone tries to live a lie when they get married and after awhile they get burned out. That is just my take on it.

Sorry I haven't been by lately. There never seems to be enough time in the day.

Take care.

Berryvox said...

Stephanie - *snicker* I KNEW I had a weirdly male perspective on it. All the people who are saying they're the opposite of me are women. The ones who agree? Male.

Titania - Yeah, I've noticed the people who seem to have good marriages/relationships tend to have your attitude about it.

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Glad you decided to respond to the True Love Tag despite your feelings on the subject. Your honest answers let us readers get to know you better.

Is Joaquin Phoenix the same person as Brad Pitt?

I see I'm on your EntreCard today!
Roxiticus Desperate Housewives

RoxiticusDH said...

And of course I voted for you on BotB after you bared your soul

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives

Berryvox said...

Roxiticus - If I really hated it, I wouldn't have done it. :)

Nah, Joaquin Phoenix played Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line", Lucius in "The Village", one of the main characters in "We Own the Night" (which I haven't seen), and a bunch of other roles.

Thanks for the vote!

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