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April 28, 2008

Mary Tyler Moore Statue

Hehe, the Mary Tyler Moore* statue at 7th St. & Nicollet Ave. I had to wait in line to take a picture. A group of female tourists were taking photos in front of it. I'm amused that it was sponsored by the television network, TV Land.

*The TV show took place in Minneapolis. It's not just some random tv character taken out of nowhere.

Near 8th & Hennepin

And I guess the life hasn't been totally sucked out of downtown by the Mall of America.


franscud said...

Were the tourists all throwing their hats up in the air? The band Husker Du (also from the twin cities) did a killer version of the theme song. I highly recommend it :).

franscud said...

oooh ... I found a YouTube clip of the song! Check it out

DineometerDeb said...

Cool, but do you also have a statue of Prince? I lived there for a while a long time ago and remember thinking of that opening montage every time I fed the fish in the park and rode up the elevator that was in that opening sequence.

Berryvox said...

Francis - lol That cover rules. I've heard of Husker Du but didn't hear much of their stuff till the internet made music more accessible.

dineometerdeb - No Prince statue yet but I wouldn't be at all surprised if one showed up. A lot of people around here worship the ground he walks on.