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"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." ~Amelia Earhart

April 20, 2008

Maybe. Maybe Not.

I've been completely resistant to the idea of returning to college. Even though I can see the value of a bachelor's degree, I couldn't see any real reason to return. Every major I was interested in was either something like film, where it's not really necessary, or something like history where the only jobs are in teaching (ugh) or research (okay but highly competitive) or a major like architecture which I'd probably be awful at. Without a goal in sight, it just seemed a waste of time and money.

A few days ago, I was going through my email and read Adventure Cycling's newsletter. One of the items led to a help wanted posting for a cartographer (mapmaker). Out of curiosity, I clicked it and realized, "Hey, wait. That actually sounds like a fantastic job!" I love maps and places and buildings and landmarks. When I was little, I would study maps all the time (not for hours at a time or anything). When I was a teenager, I would read role-playing and fantasy books because of the descriptions of faraway places. A degree in geography might be worthwhile. Maybe I'll test the waters with a class or two in the fall.


FerdC ~ Crazy Medical Cases said...

Sounds like a light bulb moment!
Right up your alley!
Go for it!

Berryvox said...

I just hope going back doesn't make my head explode after so many years away.

The Fearless Blog said...

I majored in English and education (many years ago) graduated and started teaching immediately. Although I attend workshops regularly and take a course every now and then, I have not gone back to "school." As a tenured faculty with no desire to transfer to a university or elsewhere for that matter, I can't believe I am contemplating (just slightly) going back to school. No not to pursue further studies in English or education, but in "my old age" (I am not that old yet) I developed an appetite for business, economics and law. I was never a numbers person and complexity of any kind turned me off; however, the way I feel today is so different to how I felt 20 years ago. I have changed and so my likes and dislikes have changed too. Honestly, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity every day of my life to pursue a new goal, a new dream or a new idea. I crave excitement and adventure and so what is my point? Anything is worthwhile if it means something to you...

Always enjoy your blog.

erin said...

That sounds like it would be a really interesting and rewarding job!

Berryvox said...

TFB - I have a great-aunt who got her Master's degree at 55 years old. At that point, she probably didn't need it for her career. She was an elementary school teacher for most of her life and, recently, mayor of a small town in Minnesota. Heh, I don't know what my point is either. Your comment just reminded me of her.

Erin - It does!