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April 27, 2008

Pond Dakota Mission Park

I have a bad habit of traveling the same routes over and over again but, sometimes, I try to change that and make a turn at a place I'm unfamiliar with. When biking, I usually go north further into the city. One day, I decided to go south on Portland Avenue just to see where it took me. At the very end of the road, I turned and came across the Pond Dakota Mission Park. I didn't explore it very much the first time I saw it. I figured it was just another city park with the usual trees and grass and a few park benches. A few weeks later, I did for some reason and discovered it was actually the site of a mission run by two brothers, Samuel and Gideon Pond, in the mid-1800's.

Anyway, waking up late yesterday actually worked in my favor. If I had visited the park Saturday, I would've missed what I came across today. Apparently, Bloomington is celebrating its 150th year as a town and, when I arrived, I discovered a presentation was being given. A descendant of the Ponds (I didn't catch his name) was telling stories about his ancestors and a bit about the history of the town. After he finished, the mayor of Bloomington took the stand and said...well, nothing of much importance, really. (Realistically, the mayor has to be there if nothing more pressing is happened and he's not required to be a historian for his job.) It was amusing to listen to him pronounce the word 'sesquicentennial' very, very carefully. Seriously, I would've been like "Sesqui...ses...qui...Oh, screw it! 150th Anniversary."

Afterwards, I wandered around the park for a little bit. I almost went on the free tour of the Pond House but I couldn't find a convenient place to lock my bike. Also, I didn't take any pictures. There were approximately 50 people milling about after the presentation and I try not to capture people in my photos. If I do, I make sure they're blurry enough that they can't be identified. I'm sure I'll go back sometime later. And I didn't even bother taking pictures of the signs that exist throughout the park. They're all here at Bloomington's website anyway.


Andrew said...

That sounded like a pleasant ride. I have a nice mountain bike, but never ride it. Reading you is going to make me want to start!

Berryvox said...

I've already made at least two commenters want to rent a bike!