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April 10, 2008

Time to bore the non-cyclists (and some of the cyclists)

Whee, I got my new bicycle yesterday. It's a Novara Randonee. Here's a photo from the REI website.

I took a few photos with my digital camera but they all came out blurry. I'm god-awful at taking indoor photos. Either they come out blurry or the flash makes it look like a photograph that a serial killer has taped to his wall. I'll try again when it's bright outside.

I dragged my poor father all around town looking at different bike shops. First, we went to REI. I actually liked their Novara Safari best but the frame size I needed was on backorder. I thought about the Randonee and Element for a little bit but decided to go look at other bike shops in the area. Next stop was Penn Cycle. Unfortunately, they don't carry a lot of touring bicycles and the one they did have in my price range didn't come in a small enough frame either. The salesman was great though and he ended up suggesting Calhoun Cycle because he thought they might have carried Terry bicycles (which are designed for women). We went back home where I called Calhoun Cycle and asked if they had what I was looking for. Unfortunately, they specialize in recumbents. They're probably a lot easier on the back and backside but recumbents still look silly.

Not my photo - Credit

I do not want a recumbent. *shudder* I then called Erik's Bike. They had what I was looking for, a Cannondale touring bike in a 49cm frame, but the cheapest was about $1300. REI's Novara Randonee only costs $949. That extra $350 made me wince a little bit. I ended up calling REI to make sure they had the 47cm frame in stock (because I wanted to make absolutely certain it fit. Apparently, it sucks to be short when you're buying bicycles.), went back there, took a test ride around the parking lot, and ended up buying it.

(I sound like an advertisement. This is why paid posts annoy me a little bit. I have nothing against people who do them but I feel like I have to apologize every time I mention a product or company and remind people that I don't.)


Gianna said...

well...that didn't bore me...I think it's terribly exciting...

I was a hard core bicyclist in my 20's before I got on too many drugs to function. It's a dream I hope to pick up again as I come clean...I do have a nice 20 speed cruiser now for fun riding---but I think the intense stuff I did in my 20's is over for good. And right now I can't even ride my fun bike.

In any case...I take great vicarious pleasure in hearing about your doing this!

franscud said...

There's always been something very exciting about getting a new bicycle. One of those kid memory holdovers :).

Jillian said...

Yeah the recumbent bikes do LOOK silly.!

Also, when I first started blogging, I used to comment on the paid posts. Imagine how silly I felt after I "caught on". Although I still far for some, but not nearly as many as before!

Berryvox said...

Gianna - Ugh, yeah. I only take Seroquel and that alone can wipe me out. I can't imagine some of the drug cocktails that some people have to endure.

Francis - I think it's my most prized possession so far!

Jillian - I'm sure I do the same thing. A lot of bloggers are really clever about the way they do paid posts.

rino said...

from the looks of the bike, the ride would really be fun and comfortable. I have a homemade recumbent bike which I assembled myself. But it's not like the one featured here. It's LWB, you can see a picture of it in my blog. My wife loves to ride it more that I do.

Berryvox said...

Rino - Oh, awesome! I wish I had the mechanical skill to do something like that.

Yeah, most of the recumbents I see around here have the longer wheel bases.