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May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Like I've said before, my mother was recently assigned a host at our local casino. They send emails back and forth. He offers her comps like shows and dinners. She replies with emails saying 'thank you' and how much she enjoyed the event. Since she's a total technophobe and is nervous about writing since English is her second language, I'm usually the one who ends up composing her replies. Honestly, I kinda dread the task. I don't know why. I just do.

Anyway, this afternoon, I was relieved to hear her calling him, something she rarely does. "Hi, S****, Just calling to say thank you for the dinner...", etc., etc.
When I wandered downstairs a few minutes later to grab a soda, she said, "I called S****."

"Oh, yeah, I heard," I replied.
"I thought voice might be better this time."
"Definitely! You have such a charming voice."
"What?!? I hate my voice! Haha, you're just saying that because it's Mother's Day."
"No, no. It's really true."
"Aww, thank you."

And it really is true. My mother is and has always been the most charming one in the family. And I include my extended family (uncles, great-aunts and -uncles, cousins, etc.) in that statement. She's this tiny, 4'10" woman and, though she's been here for over thirty years, she's still got a heavy Japanese accent. In social settings, she almost always ends up being the center of attention because she's so cute and outgoing and funny, telling stories of recent happenings and her youth in Japan. Growing up, all my friends loved her. "She's so nice! I wish I had a mother like that," they'd say. Sure, sometimes, I'd be thinking, 'Gah, if you only knew...' But, for the most part, I just nodded and smiled.

Happy Mother's Day!


FerdC ~ The Best Parts said...

Very nice little tribute to your mother!

We share more in common. My mother is under 5 foot. All my friends loved and still love her. We came from Mexico, so English is her 2nd language, and I, too did all her translating and writing, etc., and usually hated it.

franscud said...

That wasn't cheesy at all. It was a lovely Mother's Day tribute.

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Good luck in our Battle of the Blogs...I'm almost done milking the Mother's Day thing, though I do have a Mother's Day tea in my kindergartner's class on Monday afternoon. I just don't have the energy to write my next post, which is a StumbleUpon tag with lots of link love from Mariuca...perhaps you'll be my first tag victim tomorrow.

Enjoy the last of your weekend!


P.S. -- Tonight's secret Blogger Word Verification is "askjwf" -- ask Jewish White Female??

Berryvox said...

Ferd - Heh, I've heard other people with foreign parents complain about the translating thing. Glad to know it's not just me.

Francis - Oh, well, thank you. :)

Roxy - Happy Mother's Day! (a couple of days late)