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June 3, 2008

Minneapolis to Cannon Falls - Day Two

(continued from my last post and definitely not shorter)

I woke up on Sunday morning at six am with a lovely (not!) case of sunburn on my arms, legs and nose. Brilliant me had forgotten to wear sunscreen. Oops. I got everything ready, and was prepared to leave by 6:30. On the other hand, the hotel's continental breakfast wasn't being served until 7am so I puttered around for the next half-hour. I figured I'd paid $99 for the hotel room. Damn right I was gonna get my muffin! Eventually it opened, I grabbed a couple of donuts, checked out, and headed back. After buying orange juice and sunscreen from a local convenience store, of course. I rode through town, took a 'meh' shot of Cannon Fall's Main Street and turned west back to the highway.

On the way, I passed the entrance to Cannon Valley Trail. Across the country, there's a movement to turn abandoned rail lines into recreational trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, etc. and the Cannon Valley Trail is one of those. It runs 20 miles to the east to Red Wing, MN on the border of Wisconsin. I pouted a bit as I passed it because I really would've liked to go down it but I continued on. On the long bicycle tour later this month, I might alter my route to include that trail on the way back.

I got back on the the highway and all went as planned for the next few miles. Suddenly, I noticed a white compact car pulled over on the shoulder. The driver honked, trying to get my attention. I stopped, lay my bike down, and went to see what I could do for the driver. Part of me wondered if the driver was having car trouble (not much I could do to help there) and the other part of me that grew up in the city and expects strangers to be evil (Luckily, I'm usually mistaken) wondered if I was going to get bonked over the head and left for dead by the side of the road. But, no, it was just an older Asian woman who'd gotten lost and needed directions. Unfortunately, I couldn't help her since I'm not familiar with the area either. The fact that she was Asian doesn't really matter but regular readers to my blog will know that my mother is Japanese. She also has a number of Japanese friends here in the city. So, the first thing I thought when I saw the driver was, 'Huh? Chiko? Did my mother send her friend to make sure I was all right? I mean, I told them I was going. Not like I just ran off one morning!' My parents cracked up when I got back and told them that story. Anyway, I ended up telling her that Cannon Falls was a couple miles south and she set off in that direction hoping to find somebody local to the area.

The rest of the trip back was Saturday in reverse. I finally rode back into my garage at 2:30 that afternoon and resolved to always carry sunscreen.


FerdC ~ The Best Parts said...

Sunscreen, Advil, Butt Balm, Allegra-D, allergy eye drops, hand wipes, band aids, and extra sunglasses are always in my bag on long rides. So's my cell phone.
These items have earned their spot in my bag because of "learning experiences" like your sunburn! Isn't it fun!?!
I'm glad that little old Asian woman didn't bonk you on the head! ; )

Berryvox said...

Extra sunglasses is a good idea! Ten miles without them could get obnoxious. I had a few of those items in my bags; ibuprofen and bandaids. I DID forget extra disposable contact lenses though. It could've been tragic if one of my lenses ripped, fell out, or got dirty.

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

While I hate it when I have to decide between two blogosphere buddies in a Battle of the Blogs, poor Sassy's hangover can't compete with your Cannon Falls tour...one vote for Berryvox!


Berryvox said...

Roxy - Yup, alot of times in BotB, I just flip a coin because it's so even! Sassy's hard competition!