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August 28, 2008

Minnesota State Fair

So, what's the logical thing to do when trying to save money and get your bank account back up to a reasonable level? That's right. Go to the insanely overpriced Minnesota State Fair. People are always snarking on state fairs but ours is actually rather good. Approximately 100,000 people visit it every day that it's open. It has the usual attractions: a midway with rides and games, both normal and strange fair food (I wasn't brave enough to try the Teriyaki Ostrich on a Stick), various shows, craft and animal exhibits, and shopping.

Actually, the cost wasn't that bad overall but maybe that's just because I wandered around most of the time and didn't buy much. It's really only the food prices and the entry fee ($11 for one adult on most days) that are silly. The rides might be expensive too. I really didn't look at them. Just to give you an example of the food prices, when I first entered, I saw cheeseburgers advertised for $2 each. 'That's not so bad!' I thought. Then, the cashier handed me my tiny White Castle sized hamburger. :-( I almost bought cheese curds but it was $5 for a dish. Ouch. I like cheese but not that much. Then again, all fairs are like that.

Favorite part of the fair: The International Bazaar is a small plaza filled with booths selling bags, clothing, jewelry, sculptures, and various other things. Each stall specializes in goods from a specific country. Can't remember them all but I saw Russia, Guatemala, and China represented there. I didn't buy anything but there was a lot of...awesome worthless crap that I don't actually need.

Mmm, "Deep Fried Spam Curds". *shudders*

Great. Two days later, I have a craving for a deep-fried twinkie.

Is it strange that I really wanted the pink alien balloon?

The Giant Slide = Best Ride Evar

I didn't go inside the Haunted Mansion. Too many memories of screeching "I want to go inside!!!", getting to the door and hearing the blood-curdling screams from inside, then screaming in fear and running the other way. Cute when you're seven years old. Not so much when you're in your thirties.


orient-lodge.com said...

Thank you for your wonderful post about the State Fair. I live back east in Connecticut. We don't have a State Fair. We don't have counties fairs. We do have some wonderful town fairs, and I went to the Chester Fair last weekend with my daughter.

There is also the Big E, the Eastern States Exposition. Sort of like a giant state fair for all of New England. That comes up in about a month and is great fun, but also very expensive.

So, it is always very enjoyable to read about other people's experiences with fairs around our country.

Thanks again.

erin said...

Your fair looks like it had much better and fattening food than my fair. LUCKY!!

Lidian said...

I had so much fun reading this post - thanks for the virtual trip to the fair! (I'll skip the haunted house too)

Bling It said...

I haven't had SPAM in forever. Hmmm... may have to go and buy some. Looks like you had a great time. Reminded me of home, thanks for sharing.

Charlotte said...

it looks like you had fun at the fair though. I'm hoping I can take my little girl to the NC State Fair. :)

Berryvox said...

It IS fun. :) I hadn't been there for many years. It was a nice stroll down memory lane since not much has changed. A few different rides and a few different foods but basically the same overall feel.

Ferd said...

Now your fair looks to be a whole lot nicer than our local county fair. I've been to the Ohio State Fair once, and didn't like it much better. But your pictures and stories sound fun!