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August 10, 2008

Summer 2008 Bicycle Tour - June 23

June 23, 2008 - 42 miles

Lots of hills today. I got started at 8am but, as I was leaving Boulder Junction, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Walleye Bob's Laundromat! Woo! This was the first laundromat I had come across since I started the tour. I did hand wash my clothes at Lac Courte Oreilles casino but that was quite a few days ago. And I doubt I'm very good at washing clothes by hand. Of course, I had to stop. Who knew a laundromat would ever excite me?

As I was sitting outside waiting for my clothes to finish, a woman stopped and asked where I was going. When I mentioned Mackinaw City, she suggested I also visit the town of Goodheart and a restaurant called "Legs Inn". I jotted it into the organizer on my cell phone even though I'll probably completely forget three days from now. :-p

I got back going at 9:30am and ran into another cyclist a few miles down the road. We chatted for a bit as we rode. Amy, a high school English and history teacher, had done some bicycle touring through the Appalachians and the Swiss Alps when she was younger. Bicycling through Europe would be awesome even though mountains would probably kill me.

Eventually, I got to Conover and stopped at a tiny restaurant called "Jeri Queen" where I had a burger, fries, and a malt. (I fail at that 'eating healthy' thing, if you can't tell.) For a few days, I had been craving McDonald's. This place was sooo much better. A little more expensive but the price wasn't astronomical. $8 for the whole thing, I think?

Later, as I was passing through a small town, a medium-sized dog ran out from its yard with a worried-looking teenage boy running after it and yelling "Dingo!". A lot of bicycle tourists carry mace or pepper spray just because farm dogs are a danger when riding through rural areas. I don't. I probably should but my tactic of stopping and turning to face the dog has worked for me so far. Anyway, Dingo stopped at his yard's perimeter and, as I was riding away, I heard the boy ask a woman also in the yard if I had been carrying any pepper spray. I have a feeling somebody before me was a little too trigger-happy with their mace. Poor Dingo. :-(

Ended the day at the Spectacle Lake Campground west of Phelps, WI. It's just a few more miles to the Michigan border. I think I'll divert from the maps and take U.S. Highway 2 to Escanaba, MI.

I must not have been in much of a photo-taking mood that day.
This picture, taken at Spectacle Lake, was the only one in the camera.

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