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August 12, 2008

Summer 2008 Bicycle Tour - June 24

June 24, 2008 - 44 miles

I'm in Michigan! I was hoping to get to Escanaba, MI today but the hills are getting steeper which slowed me down. I'm camping in Runkle City Park in Crystal Falls, MI right now. In the morning, I'll have to climb the hill of death to get back onto US Highway 2. I don't know how to measure a hill by grade so I can't tell you exactly how steep it was. When I went down it, I had to walk the bicycle and hold it back the whole time. I was a bit afraid it'd go plummeting down the hill and into some pedestrian's back if I let go. O.o

I could keep following the Adventure Cycling maps but services along this upcoming stretch seem to be spottier than they would be on a major highway. Besides, it passes through a small city called Iron Mountain and I miss cities.

Came across this rest area while traveling down Highway 2. There wasn't anything really special about it. Most of the rest areas I stopped at along the way were the same; a few picnic tables, a parking lot, and a bathroom. If you're lucky, they're actually flush toilets.

I can be a bit anti-religion but even I'll admit that the churches in most towns and cities usually have the most stunning architecture. I thought I wrote down the name of this church but I guess not. It's at the top of the hill of death in Crystal Falls. And that obnoxious-looking pole in front of the church is proof that I'm a 'meh' photographer. :-p

Halfway down the Hill of Death

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