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August 31, 2008

Summer 2008 Bicycle Tour - June 27

June 27, 2008 - 61 miles

Woke up groggy and stiff but decided against taking a rest day. Escanaba would have been a great place to take one. It would've been fun to look around the lighthouse and there were plenty of shops and restaurants to look around. Nevertheless, I kept going.

Passed the town of Gladstone where an elaborate town park bordered the Little Bay Du Noc. Just east of Thompson, the sky began to spit out small amounts of rain and I ran for cover to a rest area. I sat under some trees and watched the seagulls on the beach. Not an exciting thing for most people but, in Minneapolis, I never see seagulls and I love the way they sound.

Eventually, I got going again and reached the town of Manistique. There's a stone water tower here and a tall red lighthouse on a thin peninsula. A boardwalk stretches across the beach. Spent the night at the Beachcomber's Motel with a lovely view of Lake Michigan outside my window.


Titania Starlight said...

I truly love the water. I miss it. W edo have the stinky Missippi river nearby but I prefer the ocean. Minus the hurricanes of course. :o)

Lidian said...

What a great photo of the beach with the red lighthouse! I love the sound of gulls too (I want to live by the beach someday - one of my dreams!)

ask ms recipe said...

Very nice photo :)

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Ferd said...

I was waiting for your seagull to do something but it didn't. They just don't cooperate when you want them to, huh?
I spent several summer vacations with our kids when they were younger along the northern Lake Michigan shore, close to the Sleeping Bear Dunes. I totally agree that Lake Michigan in that area is beautiful! But did you try swimming it? Even in the hottest week, in early August, it will FYAO (freeze your ...).