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November 21, 2008

"Bicycle Lifestyle" Web Event

I don't usually promote bicycling news but I thought a few of my readers might be interested in this:

On November 22 & 23, Darren Alff of Bicycletouringpro.com is hosting a web event called "Bicycle Travel as a Modern Lifestyle Choice".

Info from the website:

"The event, titled, “Bicycle Travel As A Modern Lifestyle Choice,” will take place on the weekend of November 22nd and 23rd and will feature a jam-packed schedule of articles, interviews, videos, and live Q&A sessions having to do with bicycle travel, commuting, and lifestyle design. The event is aimed at anyone interested in learning how to use a bicycle to change the way they live, work and travel.

Event participants include:

- The Adventure Cycling Association
- Author, Joe Kurmaskie (The Metal Cowboy)
- BikeCommuters.com
- Bike Friday
- Canadian Best Selling Author, Ted Schredd (The Cycling Adventures of Coconut Head)
- CrazyGuyOnABike.com
- CycleAware
- Entrepreneur, Yaro Starak
- Gene Bisbee
- Momentum Magazine
- Road ID
- WarmShowers.org
- Writer and World traveler, Chris Guillebeau"


Ferd said...

I think I'll attend! Thanks for the notification!

In my new job in NC, I think I'll be able to commute on a bike. And the weather will be good for it for most of the year.

I'll put this on the schedule!

Berryvox said...

Another nice thing about moving to NC!

If I end up taking a class this next semester, I'll probably get there by bicycle after the snow melts. Cheaper and I'd just be doing the same thing on the bicycle trails anyway!