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November 28, 2008

Nine Inch Nails

I don't go to many concerts anymore. It's partially to do with how expensive they can be but it also has to do with the fact that I don't keep up with new bands anymore. That said, I'll beat down anybody who tries to keep me from a concert by a few select bands that I "super pink heart until the end of time". Since Nine Inch Nails is one of those, I found myself at the NIN show at the Target Center on Tuesday.

I had floor tickets. When I bought them, I planned to stand against the wall to keep away from the moshers. But, when I got there, I decided I didn't really care and positioned myself three people away from the rail in the thick of the crowd. Around 7:30pm, Boris, the opening band, took the stage and everybody listened politely and clapped at all the right intervals. Don't get me wrong. They were decent but, as I overheard one girl put it, "They really weren't who everybody came to see."

I wasn't looking at the time but, soon after Boris finished their set, Nine Inch Nails began to play. Both the crowd and the stage exploded with sound. Remember when I said there's only a few select bands I'll go see without hesitation? Well, of those, NIN is the only one where it's fun to be in the audience. During the faster songs, there's people slamming into you from all sides, mosh circles are forming around you, and people are being passed over your head. At all the others, I'd be surrounded by thirty-somethings and older who are clapping politely, dancing a little bit, and checking their watches an hour into the concert because "they have to take their kids to soccer practice tomorrow, don'cha know?". Sorry, Morrissey fans, but you know it's true.

I took a few pictures but they were taken with my craptastic cell phone camera so they're not really worth posting.

Best day of the year.

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