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December 2, 2008

Sixty Degrees is Much Too Cold Inside

I've been a big puddle of whine for the past couple of days. Y'see, it was about that time that my space heater died. I don't really like using space heaters or air conditioners. They drive the electric bill way up and, well, it's just not a very environmentally friendly thing to do since they're inefficient. But, I can't avoid it. My bedroom/computer room is located in the attic and the house's central heating and air conditioning doesn't work as well up here. In the summer, the sun pounds on the roof and heats the room 10-20 degrees above whatever the rest of the house is feeling. And, in the winter, the room temperature drops down to 60 degrees or lower.

I would've gone to the store to pick one up immediately but my insomnia decided to kick in and I've been on a bizarre sleep schedule where I fall asleep at 9am and wake up at 6pm. So, every time I could've gotten my father to drive me to the store, I was asleep.

So, for the past two days, I've been huddled under a blanket wearing a hoodie. Normal people would go to other parts of the house where it's warm. I tried that for a bit but reading got dull after a couple of hours and I can only watch television for so long before I die of boredom. Luckily, last night, I woke up and wandered downstairs to have a new space heater shoved in my face. Best gift ever. (Well, technically, I paid for it but I would've had to wait at least another day if my father hadn't bought one.)

Boring entry. I'll go somewhere blog-worthy in the next couple of days.


Titania Starlight said...

I agree that 60 is too cold inside. I lived in a old stone farmhouse when I was little and you could see your breath in all the rooms upstairs. Brrrr......

Roxiticus Best Blogs said...

Brrrr....I try to keep my house at 60 when no one's home or while we're all sleeping, but that makes it hard to come home or wake up to in the morning!

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Happy Holidays!

Cromely said...

60 is just about right for me. And I like my bedroom down around 50-55. Somehow or other I've accumulated all these blankets, and I like the opportunity to use them. It's the same way with sweater.

OF course, a bit of natural insulation probably contributes to my preference for the chillier apt. But at least I save money on heating costs.

Berryvox said...

Titania - Eek! It's never been quite THAT bad!

Roxy - Yeah, I turn it off when I sleep or leave the house. Too expensive!

Cromely - I must just be cold-blooded. I'm miserable unless it's 75 - 90 degrees.

Ferd said...

That was very nice of your dad. He probably worries about you up there freezing to death.

How can you get back on a "normal" sleep schedule?

Berryvox said...

Ferd - Oh, both of my parents are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. I won the lotto in terms of nice parents. :)

Most of the time, I can fix the sleep schedule by staying awake a little longer than normal.

alyceclover said...

Was just thinking if our body temp is 98.6, maybe the air temp should always be 98. At 50 or 60 we lose that body heat and takes too long to try to warm up. Not that I have any idea how blood flow keeps us warm, but when it is cold outside, the blood hovers 'round our vital organs which is why things like noses, toes and fingers freeze.