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March 29, 2009

Crowds at REI

I finally made it to REI today. Every other time I've been there, the store has been pretty quiet with only a few people wandering around. One feature of REI is that, if you buy a membership, you automatically get 10% off most purchases. But, it's not immediate. They keep track of how much money you've saved and, in March, they send out the dividends to all their members.

So, when we pulled into the parking lot, I was surprised to see people pouring in and out of the entrances and exits. I weaved my way through the crowds trying to find the valve adapter I needed. Normally, I hate browsing through the merchandise and would ask a clerk but they were all occupied. It ended up taking a good 15 minutes before my father finally spotted them near the tire pumps.

Since I had about $100 in dividends, I also grabbed a backpacking stove and some cookware. The cookware was a total impulse buy. It came with two pans, a dish, and a bowl. I gasped in shock when I picked up the box. I expected it to weigh 5 times what it did. I probably could have bought a pan for $20 less at Target but that would've been a lot of extra weight to carry while bicycle touring. Totally worth the extra expense.

(Day 14...might be a bit drab)

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