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March 25, 2009

The Library

The branch library I go to seems like a terrible place to work. Some of the staff seems angry and stressed. Though I only go once every couple of months, I've noticed five regular employees. Two can usually be found at the front desk organizing books and completing tasks at the computer. They almost slam the books around and just have that aura of mild depression around them as they do so. A third employee acts the same way but regularly rolls her eyes when somebody interrupts her current task. The final two employees don't have that same aura going on. One's always pleasant. The other is business-like and professional.

I don't want to give off the impression that I'm angry about it. It's just something that I've noticed. And I've never once seen any of these people being rude to the visitors.

I wonder if the stereotype of librarians is misleading some people into that career. The stereotype is that of either a shy or stern person who loves books but doesn't really like people. If anything, I would think that library work is one of the most people-oriented professions around. They're constantly helping students with research papers, directing others to the section they're looking for, and teaching people how to use the computer.

(Day 10)


mo_inoh said...

makes me think of the libraian that we had back in high school. boy was she mean. and she could hear a mouse breath from a half a mile away. any ways great blog

Berryvox said...

There was a woman at the downtown library a loooong time ago that was just vicious.