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March 24, 2009

Sewer City?

I was looking through the Wikipedia pages of cities/towns I might travel through and came across this blurb on Sioux City, IA.

"Sioux City is often referred to as Sewer City because of it's odorous sewer system as well as several packing plants that dot the area, a pet food factory also adds to the city's unique aroma."

Granted, I don't completely trust anything written on Wikipedia but "Ewww!". I'm sure it's a lovely city, regardless.

(Day 9...is super-short because I need to actually go somewhere besides the grocery store.)

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Anonymous said...

Well my friend, I am a former resident of the city. I've stumbled across your page, and will probably never return here as I will lose the URL. But. It's not very lovely. Some places have a nice new coat of paint, but as the city expands, so does its filth. It does indeed smell when you hit the downtown area on I-29, due to the boiling blood of the factory right next to it. But I digress. The rapid expansion of the city is leading to a rapid deterioration of the older parts of the city, creating ghettos and the drug trafficking is steadily increasing as well.