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March 20, 2009

Summer 2009 Bicycle Tour (slightly NSFW)

I spent part of today looking at Yahoo! Maps. Soon, I'll go on my next bicycle tour to Mt. Rushmore near Keystone, SD. Last summer, I used Adventure Cycling's maps which I love. Unfortunately, they don't have a route between the two points so I have to construct my own directions.

Originally, I had planned on leaving in early July but then I noticed something. The most direct route from Minneapolis to western South Dakota* passes straight through Sturgis. Every August, Sturgis hosts a HUGE motorcycle rally. I'm sure most of these people are lovely but, as a solo female traveler, I really don't want to pass through while this (see video below) is happening.

I think I'm going in late May. I could just avoid that whole area altogether but I want to stop by Deadwood, which is about 15-20 miles west of Sturgis. I haven't fully pieced together the whole route but I think I'm going to do a loop where I go west to Deadwood, south to Mt. Rushmore, and then back east through Nebraska and Iowa.

*By bicycle anyway. Cycling on the interstate is a no-no.

(Day 6...is a little late)


Ferd said...

Even though your new vegan body would fit right in, I don't think your personality does! Ha!
That was a crazy video! That kind of scene doesn't appeal to me one bit! Like you, I'd rather ride my bicycle. And keep my pants on.

Berryvox said...

Ha, I think I need to lose 10 more pounds and 10 years to keep up with those girls. There was another video on YouTube showing a group of big bikers shooting guns off into the air. A little too 'Testosterone City' for my taste. I just want to poke around dusty old historical sites and look at nature/wildlife.

Ben said...

I stumbled across this blog looking for Sturgis info. I thought I should offer you neighborly advice regarding Sturgis in early August: While the epicenter of the rally is Sturgis, the entire area will be overrun with bikers. Deadwood will have an atmosphere nearly identical to Sturgis. Even Mount Rushmore will be full of bikers, although it should be somewhat tamer.

I just thought I should provide fair warning. I would never ride a bicycle anywhere near Deadwood at that time of year, and I'll be attending the rally of my own volition.

Berryvox said...

Ben - Yeah, I moved the day I leave to mid-May because of that. I'll freeze my butt off in the mornings but I should be home long before the motorcycle rally starts.