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March 15, 2009

Telix for Windows V. 1.0

I'm terrible about cleaning. Though I generally pick up after myself in the public parts of the house, my bedroom is populated with stacks of books, magazines, and important documents that should be organized and filed somewhere. I have some limits. I would never leave food laying around to mutate into strange new life forms. But, for the most part, I'm a terrible housekeeper.

For the past few days, I've been looking around the room and thinking I should do something about it. The thought of doing the whole thing at once exhausted me so, yesterday, I decided to organize the bookshelf and worry about the rest later. The last few times I've moved, I just grabbed the books, Cds, and software I own and threw them into a box. When I got to the new residence, I shoved them into a bookshelf and mostly forgot about them. Over the years, the software and video game boxes overtook the book and cds I've collected. So, I decided to throw all of the software away. While I was sorting through it all, something caught my eye. This!

A 3.5" floppy disk. Etched across the front in my terrible, shaky handwriting was "Telix for Windows V. 1.0". I snickered as I read it. It had to have been from 1996-1997 when I first started using computers. The internet hadn't gained much popularity yet. Telix was a software client used to access bulletin board systems (BBS's). Basically, you dialed into a local machine and you were able to chat with other people in your area. When I first came across BBS's, I was fascinated with them. I didn't stay with them long, though. The minute I discovered MUD's, (text-based MMORPGs), I dropped the chat clients. Socializing online has never really appealed to me.

At least the bookshelf's organized now.

(Day two)


Ferd said...

It is incredible how the online experience has changed, isn't it?
I remember the first time I connected to anything, was to our bank in the late eighties, using text only, command line shit. (When dinosaurs walked the earth and the www belonged only to government geeks.)
That was on my Apple II C in 1986, I think. I remember I was drooling over the first Mac in 1984, but couldn't afford it then. Things have changed!

If you ever rethink social networks, consider adding me as a fb friend.

Berryvox said...

I kinda miss DOS!