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May 6, 2009

John H. Stevens House

A few weeks ago, Ferd from The Best Parts mentioned in one of his blog posts that I have a passion for historical markers. I hadn't actually thought of it that way until he mentioned it. In a number of previous posts, I took photos of interesting places (to me) around the city and throughout Wisconsin and Michigan on my last bicycle tour. Whenever I'd see a historical marker, I'd just snap a photo of it so that I could get more information about that place. But, yeah, I guess I have become fascinated with them. So, here's a new one from the John H. Stevens House in Minnehaha Park. The house itself isn't that exciting. It's simply the first house in Minneapolis to have been erected west of the Mississippi River.

(If you click it for the full-size image, it actually becomes readable.
But, most of you knew that. :-) )


Ferd said...

That's a very interesting one, Kayla!
The house seems to be in pretty good shape considering all it has been through.

And thanks for the link love!!!

Berryvox said...

It's definitely been renovated, probably by the Minnesota Historical Society.