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May 18, 2009

One More Benefit

There's one unexpected additional benefit to going vegan for me. I hate most seafood and, for some reason, a few people around me constantly try to convince me that seafood contains the most wondrous delicacies known to man. I've had the conversation below far too many times in my life.

"Here! Try this!"
"Ewww, oysters."
"Try them! You'll like them."
"I've tried them. They're disgusting."
"But these are different. They have this sauce."
"Ohgodfine!" *gags in disgust* "It's like salty jello, you bastard!"

That conversation has now turned into...

"Here! Try this!"
"I can't eat that. Shrimp is a tiny little death in every bite!"

I win.

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Preethi Anusha said...

He he .. very funny :D

~Preethi Anusha ~