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August 25, 2009

Comments, Tornadoes, and Dying Hard Drives

Yeah, so, obviously, I don't really post here much anymore. Since I don't have that much to write about these days, I grew bored with blogging. A few days ago, I got a comment from Ferd asking me if I was okay. At first, I thought the question must've been about my absence from blogging so I replied that I was fine. A few minutes after, I realized that self-absorbed me had completely forgotten about the tornadoes that had recently gone through Minneapolis and that was probably what he was referring to! Oops! No, I didn't even notice the tornadoes for the most part. A friend of my mother's had been driving through South Minneapolis at the time and said there was quite a bit of storm damage in the area but, thankfully, that was the closest I or anybody I know got to it.

In other news, my hard drive is dying. (At least, I think it's the hard drive.) Every time I boot up the computer, it's a race against time to get anything done before the blue screen of death pops up. Since it's going to cost me $250+ to get it fixed, I've decided to just get a new (cheap) laptop and fix this one in October.

And, in much brighter news, I got tickets to Nine Inch Nail's Wave Goodbye tour in Chicago on August 28 & 29! These were stupidly hard to get because Trent Reznor is supposedly retiring NIN from touring after this. So, almost every hardcore fan (and a few *censoredcensoredcensored* scalpers) was trying to get tickets to one of the last ten shows in NYC, Chicago, and LA. Every show sold out within an hour. Apparently, this is the year I play superfan because I also decided to get tickets to the Pet Shop Boys shows in both Milwaukee and Minneapolis in September.

I'll end here before the blue screen of death pops up again.


Ferd said...

I was worried about vivid dreams, and seeing things that scared you. (post of 8/8)
That, and your absence, made me think medical stuff.
Glad you're okay!
: )

Berryvox said...

Ah, yes. That makes sense too! I'm sure that was just being in that hazy, half-asleep state.