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December 31, 2009

101 Goals in 1001 Days

You know those people who say they hate New Year's resolutions? They're gonna hate me. I didn't make one resolution. I made 101. A few months ago, I came across this website 101 goals in 1001 days. It's pretty much what it sounds like, a challenge to accomplish 101 different goals in 1001 days, a few months under three years. There's a similar website at Day Zero Project that seems a little more useful for those people into this kind of thing. So, yeah. Below is my list. A few of the goals are listed as private. It's nothing like "Shoot the president" (After all, I mostly like this one.) or "Find 250 lovers." (That just sounds exhausting and not fun at all.) Just things I find too dorky to share publicly.

Color Code
Yellow = Decided not to complete
Pink = Done


Health & Exercise (15)

1. Complete 15 30-day challenges on EA Sports Active (1/15)
2. Complete a century bike ride (100 miles in one day) (0/1)
3. Participate in a cycling charity event. (0/1)
4. Bicycle 5000 miles (0/5000)
5. Walk or run 500 miles (18/500)
6. Complete 100 30-minute yoga sessions. (Yoga’s harder than you think it is.) (1/100)
7. Drink 50,000 ounces of water. (Max of 64/day) (848/50,000)
8. Eat 3500 servings of fruits and/or vegetables. (Max of 5/day) (80/3500)
9. Take a Vitamin B12 supplement for 700 days. (28/700)
10. Eat a source of protein for 700 days. (29/700)
11. Take a swimming class. (36 years old and I still can’t swim. To be fair, though, I’ve had bad experiences with almost drowning and, later, getting pulled down by a creek by the current.) (0/1)
12. Bicycle 3 state trails (not necessarily Minnesota). (0/3)
13. Complete the One Hundred Pushups challenge. More info (0/1)
14. Get a silver medal in The President’s Challenge. More info (0/1)
15. Run two continuous miles without dying. (‘Course if I do die halfway through, that puts an end to this list.) (0/1)

Food (7)

16. Cook 25 new recipes (main entrees, sides, or appetizers) (0/25)
17. Bake/cook 15 desserts. (0/15)
18. Eat at 15 different restaurants. (3/15)
*Old Country Buffet (Richfield, MN)
*Denny's (Bloomington, MN)
*Fusion (Mystic Lake Casino - Prior Lake, MN)
19. Try 20 different beverages. (non-adult, cause I’m a tee-totaling prude.) (2/20)
*Very Vanilla Soymilk
*Blue Raspberry Slushie
20. Try 20 different kinds of candy bars. (0/20)
21. Try 5 foods I’ve never eaten (1/5)
*Pad Thai with Tofu
22. Visit a farmer’s market 5 times (0/5)

Entertainment (16)

23. Watch 150 movies (Movies seen) (3/150)
24. Watch a movie in the theatre 5 times (0/5)
25. (Buy and) watch complete series of “Dead Like Me” (0/1)
26. (Buy and) watch the complete series of “Mr. Bean” (0/1)
27. Watch 5 foreign films (0/5)
28. Read 75 books. (Books read) (1/75)
29. Visit library once a month. (1/33)
30. Go to a musical. (1/1)
30a.Try not to end up in sobbing tears because setting a story to music makes me all emo…Damn you, “Moulin Rouge“, “Chicago“, and “Evita“.
31. Complete all songs on hard mode in We Cheer (0/?)
32. Complete a ten generation Sims 3 Legacy (0/1)
33. Get a total of 500 achievements in World of Warcraft on my hunter. (146/500)
34. Attend 10 concerts. (Dependent on who plays in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Paying $50-100 to see somebody I kinda sorta like is silly.) (0/10)
35. See Morrissey in concert 3 or more times in one tour. (0/3) (This could be replaced by Nine Inch Nails if Trent weren’t a quitter. *emo sob*)
36. Go to a jazz festival (0/1)
37. Go to 5 fairs or festivals independent of above. (0/5)
38. Stop playing Facebook games. (Maybe the occasional game of Bejeweled but Facebook games are a tedious time-sucking job as you get into the higher levels.) (done)

Materialistic (But I need it) (13)

39. Get a DSLR camera (0/1)
40. Get an Ipod. (Even if it just sounds like something else to potentially lose.) (0/1)
41. Get three vegan cookbooks (not including the terrible one I now have that regularly uses ingredients I can’t pronounce) (0/3)
42. Get a food processor (0/1)
43. Buy a DVD player. (Yes, I’ve been too cheap/unmotivated to buy a $25 dvd player.) (1/1)
44. Buy a netbook/laptop (0/1)
45. Buy 5 things from Etsy. (0/5)
46. Buy new mattress (0/1)
47. Buy new sheets (0/1)
48. Buy new TV stand (One with those newfangled rolly things on the bottom. I think they‘re called wheels.) (0/1)
49. Buy proper bicycle shorts (0/2)
50. Visit 25 garage or yard sales (0/25)
51. Buy printer toner (Seriously. Why is this so hard for me? My printer’s been dead for months, possibly years. Do they even make that kind of printer toner anymore?!?) (0/1)

Creative/Learning (9)

52. Finish novel I abandoned halfway through NaNoWriMo (0/1)
53. Revise/edit above novel at least once. (0/1)
53a. Laugh hysterically at the sad outcome
54. Crochet a scarf (0/1)
54a. Laugh hysterically at the sad outcome
55. Crochet 5 toys from Amigurumi books (0/5)
55a. Cry hysterically at the sad outcome.
56. Take a photo everyday. (This could devolve into photos of teddy bears dressed up as Hitler as I run out of subjects. Though a Hitler bear might be kind of amusing. A crocheted Hitler bear.) (Decided to nix this one)
57. Take a photography class (Because Mr. Crocheted Hitler Bear must go down in history as the greatest photo of a crocheted Hitler bear ever.) (0/1)
58. Take a French class (because French is super-useful what with all the French-speaking people in Minnesota. I‘m totally adding Latin and Aramaic to the next 101/1001 list.) (0/1)
59. Post 300 blog entries (12/300)
60. Identify all states including capital cities on a US map. (0/1)

Travel (ish) (17)

61. Renew Adventure Cycling Association membership. (0/1)
62. Get a passport (0/1)
63. Take a bicycle tour from Minneapolis to the Black Hills and back. (0/1)
64. Take a bicycle tour from Minneapolis to Louisiana (Adventure Cycling‘s Great Rivers Route). (0/1)
65. Complete the A-Z travel challenge (Visit 26 towns, cities, or landmarks starting with the letters a-z. Will definitely be combined with other travel goals.) (0/26)
66. Visit five zoos or aquariums. (0/5)
67. Visit 15 museums. (0/15)
68. Visit a beach for two hours. (I hate the beach. This is more of a “do what you’re uncomfortable with” thing than “Joy! A day at the beach!”) (0/1)
69. Visit Times Square on New Year’s Eve. (THIS is “Joy! NYC on NYE!”) (0/1)
70. Visit Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve (0/1)
71. Visit Philadelphia (Try not to get stabbed repeatedly.) (0/1)
72. Visit Washington DC. (Same as above.) (0/1)
73. Visit San Francisco. (0/1)
74. Visit London, Paris, & Rome. (Honestly, this one is probably out of my financial reach but it’s an extremely desirable goal. I'm combining it into one goal because it‘s cost-effective to go in one trip.) (0/3)
75. Go on a nature walk and try to identify flora (Most likely while desperately paging through a book I’ve barely read.) (0/1)
76. Browse through 25 different shops at the Mall of America in one day. (0/1) (At ten minutes per store, this’ll take me over 4 hours. This is probably silly and exhausting.)
77. Go for double or nothing at blackjack with $100. (0/1)

Miscellaneous (18)

78. Take a class at one of the community colleges (Could turn into “Get XX credits toward a BA degree” if I don’t want to go on a seven-state shooting spree halfway through.) (0/1)
79. Vacuum/sweep entire house once a week. (4/143)
80. Wipe down desk once a week. (4/143) (Granted, I’m allowed to take the week off if I’m out of town.)
81. Enter My Coke rewards points once a week (4/143).
82. Get eyebrows professionally shaped. (0/1)
83. Dye hair once/month (0/33)
84. Change a bicycle tire in 10 minutes. (0/1)
85. Volunteer at an animal shelter (0/1)
86. Try rock-climbing (0/1)
87. Donate blood (0/1)
88. Organize clothes 5 times (not in the same day, mind you.) (0/5)


89. (private)
90. (private)
91. (private)
92. (private)
93. (private)
94. (private)
95. (private)
96. (private)
97. (private)
98. (private)
99. (private)


100. Limit calorie intake to 1200 calories/day for 30 days straight (0/30)
101. Visit Duluth, MN (0/1)


The Plastic Mancunian said...

Good luck with those.

Sounds interesting and I couldn't help but get sucked in.

I've done achieved one or two of the items on your list particularly in the travel list (NYC on New years Eve is fab).

Do British films count as foreign?

Has Trent really quit? I thought he was just taking a break.

Good Luck




Berryvox said...

I almost did NYC this NYE. It's very high on the priority list. :) British movies would count as foreign but I'm only going to include films in other languages.

No, I don't think Trent has fully quit. He says he's going to keep making music (*cheer*) but he retired from touring. He could change his mind eventually.

HaikuPatriot said...

I'm a perfect stranger, buzzing around on the Internet, checking out peoples' 101 in 1001 lists.
Really like your list. Best of luck on your journey.

Caroline - Philly Tourism said...

I'm also a perfect stranger, but I work in Philadelphia Tourism and hope you do get to your "visit Philadelphia" goal. Happy 2010.

Ferd said...

I want to know 89 - 101!!!
; )

Ferd said...

Seriously... this is WAY AWESOME!
The BEST resolution list I have EVER seen!!!
: )

Berryvox said...

Thanks, Caroline and HP! :)

Ferd - Haha, most of them are actually pretty mundane. This DOES sound way more fun than 'lose 10 pounds'. :)