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January 13, 2010

I Love My Wii

I love my Wii. Of course, there are debates over which console is better: Xbox, Playstation, or Wii. I don’t listen much to the arguments because the Wii is completely different. The Xbox and Playstation are, I’ll admit, much better for traditional games. The graphics on most of the new Xbox and PS games are unbelievable and the gameplay usually goes much deeper. The Wii, however, made sports and fitness games fun. Until the Wii came along, I thought playing sports games on a computer or console was the most ridiculous thing ever. Why not just go out and play baseball at the park? Granted, that argument could be used with many of the sports games on the Wii. Until you remember…Wii Boxing. I don’t want anything to do with real-life boxing. Ouch.

Fitness Games I Have

We Cheer (5/5)
We Cheer is awesome. In We Cheer, you follow along with the cheerleader and try to copy the cheer. I feel like a complete dork playing it since I was never the cheerleader type (though I do respect the athleticism required to be a top-notch cheerleader). The only problem I have with it is how long the loading screens take. Also, in the story mode, a dialogue screen comes up before and after each song. One of those dialogue screens features a male sports player. If you fail the cheer, he basically blames you for his crappy performance. Excuse me? Maybe you should stop watching the cheerleaders and play the damn game.

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 (3/5)
Meh. It’s a decent game, I guess. Maybe I just hate it because I’m absolutely awful at it. I could describe it but why bother? It’s one of the most well-known sports games.

Wii Sports (3/5)
The disc that comes with every Wii system. It has tennis, boxing, bowling, golf, and baseball. After the initial thrill of playing it, I grew bored. Occasionally, I’ll pull it out and play baseball or boxing but it mostly collects dust.

EA Sports Active (4/5)
I wasn’t going to buy this one but, after Christmas, Gamestop had it on for sale for $29.99. Normally, it’s $60. This isn’t technically a game. It’s more like a fitness DVD. It comes with two accessories. One is a leg strap that you put the nunchuk in. The Wii remote and nunchuk register your movements to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. The other accessory is a resistance band to make the upper body exercises more challenging. Many reviews on Amazon say the resistance band is flimsy. I’ll take their word for it since I’ve never used a resistance band until trying this game.

My Fitness Coach (4/5)
Another disc that is more like a fitness DVD than a game. It doesn’t use the controllers to register your movements at all. You just follow along with the onscreen fitness instructor. However, it is better than a fitness DVD because the workouts change from day to day. Also, you can fill out a fitness profile and track your weight and measurements.

Games I Kinda Want

Walk it Out
It sounds silly, a game about walking. What intrigues me is that you’re able to walk through an ingame world and modify it. Sure, I could walk through the real world but it’s January and I’m in Minnesota. It’s cold out there. Also, you can use the DDR pad to track your steps. Maybe I’ll get some use out of it again.

Wii Fit Plus
I’m not that interested in the game that comes with it. I suspect it’ll be like Wii Sports and I’ll quickly get bored with it. Having the balance board would be nice though.

Just Dance
I’m not sure about this one. It gets very good reviews on Amazon but I’m afraid it’ll end up like DDR, something that other people like but I have no interest in.

EA Sports Active: More Workouts

The sequel to EA Sports Active. It has new exercises and, supposedly, added warm-up and cool-down sections.


Ferd said...

Very, very great review!
And since I know you are a gamer to the core, I totally respect your opinions and ratings.
People who are looking to buy these should check this out!

Berryvox said...

Thanks, Ferd! Heh, yeah, I'm definitely a gamer. If I had an unlimited budget, I'd be one of those people with a wall covered with hundreds of video games.

B said...

I just bought a Wii Fit Plus and love it! There are ton of games/work outs to do plus you can even make up and save your own routine.

Berryvox said...

B - Some of those games do sound fun. I'm sure I'll buy it eventually because I really, really want the balance board. :)