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February 10, 2010

101 Goals in 1001 Days Update

I swear, the list hasn't been forgotten. I just haven't been very motivated about blogging and I think it's Twitter's fault. It seems so much easier to tweet a picture here or a comment there.

Anyway, things that have moved on:

*Completed the first 30 day challenge on EA Sports Active. When I first started, I'd be sore after each exercise session. Now, almost all of the exercises have become very easy. There are some exercises that are still tough to complete though. I think the worst one is the "squat holds". Basically, you're supposed to stand in a squat position for 60 seconds straight. I crumble at about 30 seconds.

*For "Eat at 15 different restaurants", I ate at "Old Country Buffet". I was debating whether to add this restaurant to the list since I've been there many times in the past. I have to admit, though, I don't go there because it's good. I go because it's cheap and all you can eat. Everything's kinda bland and has often been sitting under a heating light for 20 minutes before you get to it. :-/

*For "Try 20 different beverages", I had a blue raspberry slushie. I love slushies. You can't screw up a slushie.

*For "Watch 150 Movies", I saw "Disturbia", a horror slasher film. Even though I love horror, I almost always like paranormal horror not slasher flicks. Disturbia was decent for what it was but, again, I'm not a slasher movie fan. And, earlier, I watched "Fun with Dick & Jane" a comedy starring Jim Carrey and Tea Leone. That movie was better; nice light fun entertainment about a well-to-do suburban couple who lose their jobs and are forced to turn to theft to pay the bills.

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