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March 6, 2010

Eating Out & Casinos

The show last night was great! Aluminum was basically an hour and a half dance performance. The name of the show was related to the costumes and set design which were all metallic grey (like Aluminum, obviously). I'm not typically a big fan of dance but I enjoyed it.

Again, the show was at Mystic Lake. My parents and I got there around 5:30 or 6:00. We were planning on eating at Ribbons Steakhouse since they were having a special, 2 lobster dinners for $20. I was going to stick to sides like garlic mashed potatoes and a Caesar Salad. Even when I ate meat, I've never cared for seafood. But, then we saw the line. It was at LEAST 100 people deep and wound haphazardly in between the slot machines. We shuddered. My mother ran off to her slot machines while me and my father went in search of a different restaurant. There's a number of different restaurants in that casino. Minnehaha Cafe also had a long line and I wasn't really excited about eating at The Buffet again. (There's nothing wrong with it. I'm just bored with it after having been there many times.) In the end, I ended up getting a (very good) Pad Thai from the Fusion Noodle Bar. I killed time before the show by letting video poker and video keno suck far too much of my money away.

A mostly good night. :)

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