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"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." ~Amelia Earhart

March 18, 2010

March 17, 2010

I'm on a new kick. I'm attempting to write 500-750 words per day. Expect long, rambling entries about the squirrel that ran into the deck wall and how my dog looked up at me and burped. I totally apologize in advance. :-D

My sleeping schedule has gone all strange again. But a strange sleeping schedule is, for me, the norm. I don't even complain about it anymore or make any real efforts to change it. I've simply accepted the fact that my body likes to be awake for twenty hours and asleep for ten. I'm not entirely sure what time I fell asleep today. 6am? 7am? It couldn't have been as late as 8am because the sunlight trying to stream through my blinds wasn't strong enough for the bright full light of 8am. I finally woke up around 4pm. For the past two days, I've been fighting off a tired feeling as though I'm not getting enough rest. After I complete this journal entry, I'll lay down for a half-hour. Hopefully, I simply need some rest.

There are a few blogs I regularly read. One has me particularly concerned. It's written by a man who has struggled with alcoholism and schizophrenia. He went from posting a few times a day to nothing for the past few days. His last posts gave hints of mental illness symptoms that were cropping up and also detailed how he relapsed back into the alcoholism. Hopefully, he's okay. Realistically, he probably is. I've seen him do it a few times and, so far, he has always returned to blogging within a couple weeks or a month. There are a few possibilities on what happened to him. The most likely occurrence is that he's in the psych ward. Another possibility is that the schizophrenia is making him paranoid about blogging. I completely understand this worry. I've had similar feelings earlier in my life. The possibility that most worries me is that he ran off to 'be homeless', a fantasy he's written about many times before. That, in itself, isn't a terrible thing. The problem is the huge cocktail of psych meds that he's on. Anybody who's ever tried to withdraw from these things after a long time of taking them will tell you how horrible withdrawal is.

One of the other blogs I read on a regular basis just restarted again after being silent for months. It's written by a woman who is recovering from drug addiction. During the time that she didn't post, she relapsed and was taking heroin and meth. Thankfully, she's fine and is back in recovery. But, I wouldn't worry so much about the first blogger if it weren't for the warning of the second blogger.

It may sound as though I only read the blogs of those who have desperate problems but it's completely untrue. The first blogger (in my opinion) seems to do his best writing when he talks about the other people in his life and the second is perky and upbeat most of the time and writes about other subjects besides the drug addiction. In both cases, I read their blogs because they're both good, interesting writers. I'm not linking them on purpose because I don't know whether or not they would disapprove.

On to cheerier subjects...Well, kinda. I watched The Final Destination (Part 4) yesterday. Ugh. I should have listened to the negative reviews on Amazon and the Blockbuster website. They're absolutely right. The characters are generic, pretty people and they pretty much rehashed the same old storyline from parts 1-3. At least the Saw series has added in new plot twists in their endless series that goes on forever and forever. Also, I couldn't figure out why some of it seemed so... off. And then I read that it was meant to be viewed in 3d. So that completely explains why there are nails and other debris flying at the camera. In the theater (or on a 3d tv), you'd see them flying at your head. In my opinion, that's a cheap scare and is just as bad as the mad killer popping up behind the driver and startling you. I foresee a lot more horror movies using the 3d tactic. I'm sure 3d isn't all bad. Supposedly, James Cameron used it well in Avatar.

Enough rambling for today.

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