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March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010 -- Adam's Hill Park

Earlier this month, I came across theshadowlands.net , a website with listings of (supposedly) haunted places across the US. As I scanned Minnesota's list, my eyes landed on their entry for Adam's Hill Park in Richfield, MN. It read, "Use to be farmland, and the farmer hung himself on the tree at the bottom of the hill. Rumors of the ghost still lurking around." (link) After thinking that the website owner needs to be gently smacked with a grammar book*, I decided I must visit this place once the weather started to warm up. So, today, I grabbed my camera, hopped on the bus, and headed to the park. I'm not certain I actually believe in ghosts but I'd die with delight if I saw one. I didn't actually expect to see anything, of course, and I didn't. What I encountered was a pleasant park with a small pond and a playground with a group of little girls playing on it. And a few other residents.

*That example wasn't terrible but, if you read the website further, it's as if it wasn't written by a native English speaker. Also, I'm not being as snarky as it may sound. It's still an interesting website.


Ferd said...

I checked the site for haunts in Winston-Salem, which is famous for haunted places, and it listed 8 spots! Might have to check them out!

Berryvox said...

Ferd - Neat! I don't want to go to some of the Minneapolis-St. Paul places because I don't want to be seen as a trespasser. But I'm going to visit a few more just because it brings me to places (like this park) that I wouldn't think to visit.

Anonymous said...

I grew up a few blocks from Adams park[hill]we called it suicide park..back in the sixties I remember following a police car on my bike and seeing a person hanging from a tree.circa 1966.as I remember a few vets from vietnam hung themselves there,thats why it is called suicide park Thats what I remember as a kid..tAlso there is a clump of 5 trees in the middle called Witches den,with a good sized boulder as a chair.they formed a five sided star.however there is a old farmhouse on the park,and all the area was farms at one time.Bob halvorson

Berryvox said...

That's a fascinating cooment, Bob! Now I want to revisit the park & look for Witche's Den.

slvanhouten said...

I also grew up a few blocks from Adam's Park. I remember the suicide and walking up there with my brother and aunt. I remember the police cars and sirens. It wasn't 1966, as I was born in 1967. I think it was 1971. I remember they cut down the tree and the stump was there for years. Not sure if it still is. I've never heard the farmer story before, but