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March 14, 2010

Turning into a Movie Buff

I have a feeling I'm going to be on a serious movie kick for awhile. In recent years, I haven't seen a lot of movies. Blockbuster's rental prices slowly crept up and paying $4.99 just to watch a movie seemed ridiculous. Redbox seemed a little better at $1/day but they have a tiny selection. So, finally, after years of resisting (and I honestly don't know why), I joined Blockbuster's Total Access program. It's similar to Netflix. You order a DVD to rent online. They mail it to you. When you're done watching it, you mail it back in the postpaid mailer and they send you the next DVD you've ordered. There's a few differences between the two companies. Netflix allows you to watch a selection of older movies and television shows on your pc or (if you have a compatible device) on your tv at any time for no extra charge. I decided to go for Blockbuster's program because they allow you to do five in-store exchanges per month and you can drop the DVDs off at the store. Since my nearest mailbox is about 300 feet away from a Blockbuster, the DVDs get checked in faster than if I mail them in.

I've already watched 2012, Up, and The Innocents. "2012" was kinda ridiculous with too many near-death escapes and shallow characters but it's a fun movie with great special effects. Sometimes I just like to watch things go BOOM! in a movie. "Up" was my mother's choice, not mine. I don't usually go for children's movies. ("Coraline" and "9" look great though.) I really did like "Up" though. "The Innocents" was a psychological thriller/ghost story from 1961. Now you have to understand something about my mother. She's into the latest special effects and despises the idea of watching a film in black and white. So, when she heard that I actually rented a movie from 1961, she wrinkled her nose and asked, "Ewww. Why?". Well, because modern horror often SUCKS. Seriously, the only (somewhat) recent horror movies that I've liked are Blair Witch Project, The Others, The Ring, Sixth Sense, and a few others I can't remember the names for. Modern horror often relies too much on gore and I actually busted out in laughter the first time I ever saw a CGI ghost. There's a reason Vincent Price is my favorite actor and not somebody more recent. "The Innocents" was great though it did leave too many unanswered questions at the end.

I've known for years that me, my mother, and my father have completely different tastes in movies. I'm into paranormal horror and historical dramas. My mother prefers modern dramas, animated children's films, and action films and my father's into wilderness movies. So, our Blockbuster queue is getting split up between the three different tastes. (Well, actually two. My father hasn't thought of any movies he wants to see.)

Next up is The Final Destination, the fourth movie in the Final Destination series. I don't think I've seen Part 3 though I doubt that matters.

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