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April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

You know that old saying when faced with far more food than you can possibly handle? "My eyes want it but my stomach says, 'No'" Well, I have a similar problem with walking long distances. The spirit is willing but, after about three or four miles, my feet say "No. Just no."

I decided to go up to my old childhood neighborhood today. I jumped on a bus and got off at 46th & Nicollet.

'It's not that much farther,' I thought. 'I can walk the rest of the way."

And I honestly didn't think it was that far until I spotted a street sign that read 1st Avenue. 'Wait. Isn't S****'s old house on 41st Avenue? And isn't that very close to where I want to be?' I grimaced and looked for a bus route that would take me where I wanted to go.

Not very much happened. I walked or rode past rows of houses and the occasional corner store, weaving my way near Minnehaha Falls, to Highland Park in St. Paul, past the Mall of America, and back home. (Non-locals will probably read that sentence and think, "Huh?" Sorry.)

Overheard on the bus:

Guy behind me on his cell phone: "Theresa. Wait, no. Taquira...Err, I mean...Susan. Call me back. It's very important."
Me (thinking): "Hope that wasn't his girlfriend." O.o

A few pictures of and near the bridge crossing the Mississippi near Minnehaha Falls.

Lock and Dam No. 1, Mississippi River

That can't be good

Another view of the Lock and Dam

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