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April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010 - A Trip to the Mall of America

When I stopped at the Mall of America on Monday, I hadn't originally intended to go inside. It was just a transfer point between buses. But, before I got on the train, I called my mother to assure her that I wasn't dead and to see if she wanted anything.

"Oooh, you're going to the Mall of America? Can you get me fish from that fish 'n chips place?"
"I think they closed that down. It wasn't there last time I was there."
"Oh, okay. Don't worry about it then."
"I'll check anyway."

So, I did end up making a quick run through the mall. The fish 'n chips place was indeed gone but it had been replaced by another restaurant called "Salad Fusion".

'Eww, salad.' I thought. I can't stand lettuce unless it's on a sandwich so I almost wrote the restaurant off. But, something made me peer closer.
"Sushi - Salads - Wraps," it read under the store's name. (Or something close to that.)
'Oh, sushi. I'll get her that instead.' It's not really sushi since the varieties of fish they had were cooked but it was close enough. So, she got a smoked eel sushi roll. If I hadn't eaten an hour earlier, I would have grabbed a veggie wrap, which sounded really good.

Sharky, the mascot of
Underwater Adventures Aquarium.
He doesn't look this intimidating in real life.
I just caught him in weird lighting.

Doll dresses in a window

What? Your mall doesn't have a
ferris wheel inside? Lame.


Brittany E. said...

I visited the Mall of America a few years ago! I spent all day there, and I'm usually not a fan of malls.But I loved it. Such pretty pictures!

Berryvox said...

Brittany - There are some awesome places in there. :)