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April 18, 2010

April 18, 2010

There's nothing particularly spectacular about St. Mary's Cemetery at 46th & Chicago in Minneapolis. It's just one of many within the Twin Cities. I only wanted to visit to see some of the sculptures and elaborate artwork. Since it was established in 1873, it was bound to have a few.

When I found the entrance, I stepped inside and picked a direction to walk in. As I made my way across the grass, I looked down and noticed the flat markers. "Ooops, sorry guys." I thought as my feet pounded over long-dead bodies. "Mother...Father....Brother," the markers read.

"Ah, crap. I'm walking over nuns and priests. I'm so going to hell." I thought. "Except that I'm an atheist. So, I guess not." But I still felt like I was violating their remains. I tried to step lighter, if that's even possible. I must have kept to what seemed to be the older sections since most of the markers seemed to be from 1900-1960.

A few of the more spectacular memorials...

This one was at least 15 feet tall.

I'm pretty sure this mausoleum was
twice the size of my last
studio apartment.

The last one was a bit depressing. In front of the sculpture was this flat marker.

Looking beyond how she was only 20 when she died, the fact that it was only six years ago and the well-kept flowers on the sculpture tell you that her death must still be fresh in her parents' memories.


Ferd said...

K, I love your sense of the artistic, but more than that, your sensitivity. Your pictures of the young woman's marker and monument, and your words, are truly touching.

Berryvox said...

I was a little embarassed right after I took the last two photos. I imagined the parents mourning and had to choke back a sob. (Which isn't typical for me. Normally, my attitude is 'never cry in public'.)