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April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

Lawn ornaments in Walgreen's
Ack! Sometime last night, my mother fell and broke her arm. I was asleep when it happened and didn't learn of it until this morning just before she came home from the ER. I was planning on taking a walk through town but I want to stick around the house until my father comes home. It has to suck trying to navigate the house with the use of only one arm. :-/

Earlier, I ran to Walgreen's to get my mother's painkiller prescriptions. When the pharmacist was done, she called our last name out and I went up to the counter.

Her: "It's usually your husband that I see."
Me: "Oh, no. That's my father."
Her: "Oh, your father. He's a nice guy."
Me: "Yes." I nodded and smiled.

So, wait... Do I look older or does my father look younger?!?


nipsy said...

I'm not sure on that one, but still funny...if its your father looks younger..

Better than her handing you a bottle of Oil Olay wrinkle remover!!

Berryvox said...

Ha, probably a combination of both. Neither of us has a problem w/wrinkles but the gray hairs are starting to pop up on me. And I'm horribly lazy about dying my hair.

Jennifer said...

LOL Oh, what a depressing thing to have someone say to you! Personally, I've hit a point in my life where I actively avoid looking in mirrors. It takes too much time to stop in shock and say, "When did I start looking like my mother!?"

Ferd said...

You can't look as old as your father. The pharmacist was an idiot! I hope she felt embarrassed after she said such a dumb thing!