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April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010 - Central Library in Downtown Minneapolis

Since I've been doing absolutely nothing other than staring at the computer and Wii and lip synching to Morrissey*, I'm going to drag this April 1st trip out as long as I can. So....

*Why, yes, I am a dork.

I didn't intend to stop at the Central branch of the Hennepin County Library. But, as I got off the bus on Nicollet Mall to transfer to another, my bladder declared that it needed a side trip. Or Very Bad Things would happen. So, I wandered into the library. I hadn't been inside for many, many years. My last visit was before 2000. As a child, I'd often go there with my father. Though I had three branch libraries (Roosevelt, Nokomis, and East Lake) very close to my childhood home, their selection was fairly small and reserving books was a much bigger hassle in 1981 than it is now. Back then, Central Library was a multi-story building of gray stone and (faux) gold accents. By the time I was 14, I had spent enough time wandering through the shelves that I could instantly point out any section you wanted.

(You can see a photo taken of it just before it was demolished here. For copyright reasons, I don't want to embed it into the blog.)

In 2002, the old building was demolished and a new one took its place in 2006. My typical reaction to replacing older buildings is "Argh! Nooooo!". But, really, this one wasn't much to look at. And, as I stepped into the entrance, my jaw dropped. This new building is much more attractive than the old one.

Entrance to The Minneapolis Central Library
Statue of Minerva in the lobby

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Ferd said...

I'm going backwards reading your posts. I am discovering more things about this theme. I love the captions on the pictures.
I love knowing that you and your dad went to the library and that you knew where every section was. You are so good at casually mentioning those little personal details, and they are a warm invitation into your world. Thank you! :-)