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April 17, 2010

Future Trip

Inside the Lakewood Cemetery Memorial Chapel
Oh. My. God. I have a thing for obscenely decadent architecture and art. I have to go see it.

That isn't my picture, of course. I just found out about the place 5 minutes ago. I got it from Lakewood Cemetery's PDF of their chapel tour guide which you can find at
http://www.lakewoodcemetery.com/files/Chapel.pdf . And more information on the history of the chapel can be found at http://www.lakewoodcemetery.com/History_Chapel.html

1 comment:

Ferd said...

Again, I TOTALLY share your amazement at this wonder, just judging from the pictures! I would spend hours looking at every corner, and reading the history of who and how it was put together! I'm sure there is too much there to take in during just one visit! How very fun!