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May 28, 2010

May 28, 2010

On the Sims 3 forums, there's a slang term. PEPS: Pre Expansion Pack Syndrome. In the days just before an expansion pack is released, a number of us incredibly addicted Sims 3 players start to get anxious. Not just a little anxious but horrifically anxious. Our palms sweat and we twitch in our seats as we hunt down screenshots and videos of the yet to be released EP. We sit there and plot out the new sims we'll create to test the new expansion's features. The forums burst with posts like,
"Omg! Did you see the new table in the upper right corner of (X screenshot)?!?"
"Are there new hairs?"

When the first expansion pack, World Adventures, was announced, it didn't hit me that hard. WA was basically about taking your sims on a vacation. Sims 1 & 2 had similar expansions and I didn't care much for either. (World Adventures was much better than the previous 2 incarnations though.) My anticipation for Ambitions, which is released on June 1, is a completely different story. I keep staring at the screenshots from people who got it early and thinking, 'Need it. Need it. Needitneeditnow!' while another part of my brain thinks 'Which job do I want my sim to have?!? Architect or ghosthunter? CAN'TDECIDEOMG!' My sim-self may need the new Dramatic personality trait.

Ambitions' main feature is that it allows you to follow your sim to work at six new jobs: Architect, fashion designer, ghosthunter, private investigator, doctor, and firefighter. I did figure out the answer to my problem. I'll make a 2-sim household with Sim-Me as a ghosthunter and an architect roommate.


Brittany E. said...

I love the Sims although I don't hit up the forums that often, but I love to design furniture sets and post them though! I only play during the summer though, or I don't get anything done ever!

Dee said...

I feel you. I'm 30 and I don't think I'm ever going to give up video games anytime soon.