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May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

$0.99/skein. Because nobody else will use this
ridiculous "color".

Oof, today was a long, exhausting day.  My mother had a doctor’s appointment at 9am. Since she’s still in some pain and can’t walk very well, it’s near impossible for her to go by herself. Normally, my father takes her to appointments but he had important things to do at work. So, the responsibility fell on me. Luckily, he was able to give us a ride there. As we rode through the streets of downtown Minneapolis, I chastised myself for not bringing my camera with. I almost never go into the area around this particular hospital and there are some interesting bits of architecture in the area.

When we arrived, my father got a wheelchair from the hospital staff and navigated our way in. A few minutes later, I discovered something. You really don’t want me navigating your wheelchair, especially if it’s the huge, bulky one we were using. It was about three times the width of my mother. Granted, she’s a tiny woman but still… Trying to go through the door, I (lightly!) bashed her leg into the door frame at least once while going to the exam room. Oops.

After a mind-numbing amount of time had passed, the nurse came in and asked her the usual collection of questions. She fiddled with the computer a bit and brought up my mother’s x-rays. I winced as I looked at the very definite break in her bone.

After a second mind-numbing amount of time had passed, another staff member (not the doctor himself but somebody under him. Resident? I dunno.) and an intern came in and discussed things with her while I stared blankly at the wall. He fiddled with the computer and brought up a different set of x-rays. I gasped. These were from before the ER staff had set the arm and they showed the two pieces of bone at nearly a 90-degree angle. She had really smashed it.

We got back home about noon.  I didn’t do much else today. Just made a quick errand trip to the bank, grocery store, Blockbuster, etc. Since I was passing Michael’s, I decided to grab some more yarn for my silly new crocheting hobby.  Yarn is ridiculously expensive at $3-7/skein so I was happy to find a bunch on clearance.


chaacie said...

I hope for your mothers immediate recovery. Stay strong and take good care of your mom. Mothers day is fast approaching, a little surprise will make your mother happy.

Jason said...

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Ferd said...

I'm reading your posts from recent to older, so I'm gradually learning about your mom. She broke her arm. That's sad, but it's better than many things that had crossed my mind. I hope she's no longer in pain!

Berryvox said...

Jason - Ergh! That must be a tough environment to live in. Luckily, my parents and I get along. There was a lot of conflict when I was a teenager but, as the years passed, we all seemed to learn to let the small things go.