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May 8, 2010

May 8, 2010

Part of the Grand Rounds trail near Minnehaha Parkway

On Thursday, I went for a quick bike ride. Every time bicycling organizations come up with lists like "Top 10 bicycle-friendly cities in the US", Minneapolis tends to place highly. Part of the reason might be the Grand Rounds trails, a 50-mile set of cycling and walking trails that winds throughout the city in (mostly) a circle. It passes downtown Minneapolis, the Mississippi River, numerous lakes, and Minnehaha Creek.

It's a route I often use because there's no automobile traffic, though you do have to watch out for the occasional dog walker who stretches the leash across the trail. It's also a pretty, scenic route surrounded by parkland.

Weather-wise, I picked the wrong day for bike riding. The wind and 40-something temperature bit through my sweater and a light rain sprinkled down. It was still enjoyable though. When I first started cycling, it was the challenge that I enjoyed. I've never been athletic so challenging myself to do more than I previously could was oddly fun. These days, it comes easy (though I'll never be a racer) and it's transformed into a relaxing, meditative hobby.

On the way, I stopped at a SuperAmerica. As I passed the windows of beverages, my eye caught something. I turned and looked closer. It was a juice bottle with a plastic Hello Kitty on top. Hello Kitty is one of those things you either love or hate. I'm on the love side of it. I instantly grabbed it and bought it. (By the way, the fruit punch inside it was terrible.) So, now, I have one more item on my dusty knick-knack shelf.


Sparkle said...

My human saw those somewhere too. She must have the most amazing willpower in the world because she did not come home with it.

Ferd said...

LOVED the post, K!
Our weather is so much better than yours for cycling, BUT, we have very few trails for road bikes. You have to ride right on the open streets and roads with no bike lanes anywhere. I've been cycling for a long time, and it feels dangerous to me. I don't ride as often now. I'm going to have to start riding in groups.
But there is a lot of mountain bike/trail riding. That's more the thing to do around here.

Jackie said...

For years I used to love cycling and glad to see you are doing so now.

What a wonderful trail to cycle.

Berryvox said...

Ferd - Yeah, we have lots of streets with bike lanes here but you still have to occasionally take a road so I understand. On the really busy streets, I'll ride the sidewalks. Drivers make me nervous.

Noko Haha said...

best stretch of bike path ever, especially on rollerblades, after midnight! These trees smell so good!