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May 12, 2010

Minnesota Blogs

I could go out and do something today but the 40-something temperatures have driven me inside. So, instead, I'll give a little link love to three Minnesota blogs I like.

Nokohaha: Nokohaha posts about various buildings, places, and events in Minneapolis. My favorite Minneapolis blog so far.

365 Things to do in the Twin Cities: I found this blog on Facebook. Somebody else 'liked' the page and so did I. The title itself is pretty descriptive. Each day, they post about something to do in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Travels With Children: Written by a woman who frequently travels with her husband and four children. It's not strictly a Minnesota blog but many of the posts are about Minnesota places and the articles about Chicago, Texas, etc. are just as interesting.


FishHawk said...

Thanks for telling us about these sites. For they are really something to see--especially Nokohaha! My, oh my, the ladies sure liked to get frisky around there way back when.

Noko Haha said...

I've never been anybody's favorite before. Thanks so much for checking this out. I can't help but notice your class too!

Linda (minnemom) said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm off to check out the others. I always enjoy finding new blogs to read.

Berryvox said...

FishHawk - That photo's great, isn't it? :D

Nokohaha and Linda - No problem. Both your blogs are great.

Anonymous said...

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