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May 30, 2010

Music You Should Have Heard Of But Probably Didn't

(Sorry about the second video. I couldn't get it to fit into the column. Annoying.)

Back in high school, I
loathed the music that played on Top 40 radio. Soft metal like Bon Jovi and Poison, rap, and pop like Paula Abdul and Richard Marx dominated the charts. So, I turned to the UK's Top 40. For some reason, England's charts were completely different and, in my opinion, much better. Because of this, I ended up discovering a few bands that never gained much popularity in the USA.

Wet Wet Wet were a Scottish soul band. They were
extraordinarily popular in England and Japan but got very little, if any, radio play here.

Bros were another band that was unbelievably popular in Europe and Japan. Bros consisted of twin brothers, Matt and Luke Goss, and a bass player, Craig Logan. I actually can't stand to listen to Bros anymore. It was very 'teeny-bopper' pop music. At the time, I adored it but, hey, I was 16. But, recently, I googled the band and came across Matt Goss's more recent solo stuff. It's fantastic!

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