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May 14, 2010

Sometimes, Dogs are Icky

Button had been playing in the backyard for a while so I called her into the house this afternoon. She ran past me and into the house.

"What's she got in her mouth?" my mother called from the living room.
"I dunno," I replied and went inside to look closer.
Something was indeed dangling from the side of the dog's mouth. I tried to grab it and pull it away. (Probably not the wisest idea in hindsight but oh well...) The portion I touched was round and hard. Button clenched it tighter and ran from me.
"Is it a bird?" my mother said.
"Eww, I hope not," I said as I unconsciously wiped my hand on the side of my pants.
She spent the next minute trying to get Button to drop it. I shivered at the thought of a bird carcass lying on the carpet and grabbed a bag of doggy treats.
"Button! Biscuits!" Button ran toward me and I got her outside. Within thirty seconds, she dropped whatever was in her mouth onto the grass and followed me hoping for a treat. I coaxed her inside, still holding the bag of treats, and shut the door so that she couldn't follow me. I went to the pile of goo. In the middle, it was strangely meaty and the brown portions around it looked like they might have been feathers. I shuddered and turned away.

I doubt Button killed it. It was probably just laying out in the backyard somewhere. Either way...gross. I disposed of it by tossing it inside a plastic grocery bag and throwing it in the trash where Button couldn't get to it later tonight or tomorrow.


Russ said...

That is funny. Mine got a hold of a bird the other day also. Had a hard time getting it away from her.

Sparkle said...

It was probably a reject kill that a cat left behind. Leave it to a dog to find it and think it's something special! That was a great trick, offering her a treat to get her to drop it.

Berryvox said...

Sparkle - The only things that motivate Button are walks and treats. I knew she'd drop it for a treat. :)